New TOPPS Trading Cards Based On Ridiculous Top-10 WWE Champions Lists

Posted by Matt Boone October 18, 2013 8 Comments

The TOPPS trading card company have officially released a new WWE trading card set based on lists of the greatest champions in company history. Their lists, which interestingly enough exclusive WWE Hall Of Famers “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, among many others, are as follows:

Top Ten WWE Champions:

1. John Cena
2. Triple H
3. The Rock
4. The Undertaker
5. CM Punk
6. Sheamus
7. Brock Lesnar
8. Eddie Guerrero
9. The Miz
10. JBL

Top Ten World Heavyweight Champions:

1. The Undertaker
2. Triple H
3. Randy Orton
4. Batista
5. Sheamus
6. Rey Mysterio
7. Kane
8. CM Punk
9. Booker T
10. Daniel Bryan

Top Ten WWE Intercontinental Champions:

1. Randy Orton
2. Rey Mysterio
3. Christian
4. Kofi Kingston
5. Cody Rhodes
6. Wade Barrett
7. Dolph Ziggler
8. William Regal
9. Santino Marella
10. Ezekiel Jackson

Top Ten WWE Tag-Team Champions:

1. D-Generation X
2. Team Hell No
3. Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero
4. Big Show & Kane
5. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth
6. Air Boom
7. ShoMiz
8. Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes
9. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
10. Primo & Epico

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    • charley ramirez

      I call BS on Cena as top WWE champion.Im surprised they didnt but The Rock on that list, pssssh that would have made the list that much worse. CM PUNK Best In The World!

    • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

      The last sentence doesn’t make sense. Is that a typo? “Their lists, which interestingly enough **exclusive** WWE Hall Of Famers “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, among many others, are as follows:” (*exclude?)

    • zookey

      ummmmmmmmmmm Dudley Boys, Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian what the heck???? And no Austin. Who the heck chose this???

    • Steve

      zeke Jackson? OK..

      • Harry Lorenzo Goode

        The Miz made the top 10 of Wwe champions so anything after that first i’m not surprised

    • random

      really? jackson on the list for the intercontinental chamionship but no jericho? WTF!

    • wlouden77

      Wow no Edge? Bruno? Bret? Shawn? All 4 of these men have current relationships in some way with WWE. For Tag Teams, no Hart Foundation (Bret and Anvil), E&C, Money Inc., Brain Busters, & many others.
      I get not wanting to list guys who are with other companies now (Hogan, Hardy’s, etc.), but you have legends under deals with the company, many of which are employed in some capacity, in the Hall of Fame or have a child working in the WWE (Neidhart).
      This list is ridiculous.

    • Derp.

      The list for the top IC champs is bull. Randy Orton, really? Jericho should be way up there. Orton shouldn’t even be on that list. All of these lists are rigged, they’re only superstars from the recent years other than DX. If they’re gonna name the greats they need to really dig into their archives. Bruno should be up there, no question. Why is there no top 10 for the womens/divas title? This whole thing is a joke. They did mention some good ones, but they went about it the wrong way. They have no respect for the legends if they’re seriously gonna put people like Ezekiel Jackson on there for the IC title. He wasn’t even champion for two months. Chris Jericho is a NINE TIME IC champion. Randy Savage was champion for over 400 days. Randy Orton held the title once. HBK should absolutely be on that list.

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