New WWE 2K15 Screenshots Featuring Randy Orton

Posted by Brad Davis August 8, 2014 9 Comments

Pre-Order WWE 2K15 NOW & Get STING As A Playable Character has revealed two more screen shots for the upcoming WWE 2K15 video game.

The screenshots are labeled “Work In Progress” (while the first screen shot of John Cena was not), so the final graphics could look even better than this by the time we see more previews of the completed game.

Think these look good? Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them & view the absolutely incredible amount of detail on the Orton character model.

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    • Harms Way

      I knew the characters would have better graphics when 2k took over completely. These are almost spot on.

      • Guest

        Game is still made by the same people that made the previous games it’s just that Visual Concepts is handling the Visuals.

        • Darnell Massaline Lincoln

          2k signature features are being included this time around though, like the mode that’s said to be similiar to NBA 2k14’s MyCareer Mode.

    • Joseph James

      I don’t know why 2K keeps thinking screenshots will lure people to buying this game, I’m just waiting to see gameplay and what type of matches there is

      • SJ

        Maybe some believe that all WWE Superstars and Divas should be reduced to being simply video game characters so they are easier to depersonalize. That sucks tremendously awful, extremely objectionably and hellaciously disrespectful.

        • Ste

          nah people in wwe just have to keep behaving badly so they can continue to be heels like they’re presently doing in wwe as it is. which sucks and is no fun at all

          • SJ

            Orton teaming up with Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio and John Cena and those guys sucks! What also sucks is that he has to team up with other superstars in WWE. He used to be an extremely cool, badass, clean-shaven loner who used to know how to choose friends and be like he was back in the good ol days in WWE around 2008-2009 and when he behaved in ways that were cool and incredibly fantastic which made WWE great!

            • Drevska

              Cena being in WWE …..SUCKS!

              Orton used to be allowed to do physical matches and now they have Cena getting all the glory and stealing that from other guys in WWE!
              As par usual.
              That sucks even worse than hell.
              Randy Orton’s current look with facial hair and being in lameassed suckfest mid card matches is boring as fuck and uninteresting! I miss Randy being the clean-shaven, incredibly astonishingly handsome-looking, cool, intimidating badass, passionate, aggressive, assertive Viper!!!

            • Nikole

              Randy not going back to being the intense, badass, assertive, aggressive, handsome-looking clean shaven guy he was and used to be back in 2008-2009 SUCKS!!

              He used to be the absolute BEST!!!

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