New “WWE Main Event” Show Launching In October

Posted by Brad Davis June 25, 2012 8 Comments

WWE is launching a new weekly one-hour show called “WWE Main Event” that will air Wednesday nights (8/7 central) on ION Television. In a press release sent out on Monday, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon says:

“WWE looks forward to this new partnership with ION Television. We are excited about producing this new television show, WWE Main Event, and bringing our fans to ION Television every Wednesday.”

WWE Main Event debuts on October 3rd and will feature “a big arena experience with live audiences like current WWE weekly programs from both RAW and SmackDown.” There is no mention of the show featuring first-run programming, so it might be a highlights show.

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    • WWE

      it will be just like “Superstars” where originally WWE promised to have main event talent on every week in high profile matches, only to water it down a couple weeks later to the point where you now get low level wrestlers only competing on it. pathetic. This show will be just like heat, velocity, jakked, superstars, nxt, or any other B grade show they have put out over the decades and become (once again) another failure in the ratings.

    • 40#awg

      Now all wrestling needs is a show for tuesdays and there will be wrestling on every day of the week. The new show sounds like a show from back in the day Saturday nights main event. Except they dropped Saturday and added wwe.

    • GhostDistortion

      What is ION television? I’m glad they’ll put it on a network no one has ever heard of. Not to mention the oversaturation that is going to be associated with this. No one watched the new Superstars, NXT, Sunday Night Heat, Velocity, Shotgun Saturday Night, etc. When will Vince learn?

    • Tony Schiavone

      This is going to be the Greatest program in the history of our sport.

    • Ryback

      Yep Yep Yep!

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Just what we need, another WWE program. The writing is bad enough now & with RAW going 3 hours, how are they going to keep storylines interesting? I long for the days of territorial wrestling when the competition was at a premium.

    • larman

      Well maybe vince can just once stop playing a game with this show and yes it will turn out to be superstars all talk no action, i think nlow is the time the wwe start using more of the divas, and get more action vince get over things and make good with goldberg we need him, bring in matt morgan, hhh needs to see the light too. The wwe should be the no 1 place where wrestlers want to be, so lets do it, also get aj styles from tna, yes it can work . Vince prove to us that the main event will live up the way it should.

    • Kage

      WWE Superstars 2.0

      It will match the wild successes of Superstars 1.0, ECW, and NXT.

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