New WWE Talents Confirmed, Concern Over John Cena Bleeding, More

Posted by Matt Boone May 3, 2012 5 Comments

- WWE is releasing their first-quarter earnings report this morning. Vince McMahon will host a conference call at 11am EST to discuss the report. Stay tuned this afternoon for full coverage.

– Regarding new talents debuting on WWE NXT, William Regal said on this week’s episode that he has scouted potential new NXT Superstars but would not reveal them just yet. Regal promised we will see new stars debuting on NXT in the coming weeks.

– reports that there were higher-ups in WWE concerned with the amount of blood that John Cena bled out at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on Sunday. They weren’t worried about Lesnar’s image as much.

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    • qwerty

      of course they’re worried. cena’s their top guy.
      and lesnar can handle himself. hes a big boy. not that cena isnt one either. they’re both big boys

    • pooontang

      rocky vs brocky FTW

    • Wrestlehead

      I’m pretty sure their concern was that Cena was made to look less than the superhuman image that they are trying to maintain in their programming. I fail to see what the problem is, since people might be more intrigued by WWE storylines if they believed for one single solitary second that Cena might lose or at least be challenged in some way. I think the irony here is that people raved about this match for the very reason WWE higher ups are concerned.

      • Brock Fesner

        I, Brock Fesnar should have won

    • Peter

      Lesnar has nothing to lose. That’s the funny part. His time in UFC really helped to legitimize him as an asset. He really has nothing else to prove, he can lose in WWE numerous times and it won’t hurt him.

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