News and Footage from Ryback vs. CM Punk Last Night

Posted by Matt Boone October 13, 2012 11 Comments

- The first-ever Ryback vs. CM Punk match took place at last night’s WWE Supershow in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Ryback won the match via DQ after Punk slid out of Shellshocked and hit him with a low blow. Punk then declared himself the WWE Champion before finally catching Shellshocked to end the show.

Fan reports from the match show that it was mostly back and forth with both Superstars taking control at various points in the match. It appears there also was a lot of brawling outside of the ring.

Courtesy of YouTube, here are some clips from the match:

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    • Papa Georgio

      Lame. Ryback has done nothing to deserve a main event push.

      • JOHN CENA

        YES! Papa Worship ME!!!! !

        • Papa Georgio

          Are you talking to me? If so, I’m confused…

      • Papa Georgio

        Seven likes and nine dislikes, better than I expected.

      • Shhahhaha

        I agree, nor does he have the technical ability to do so.

    • Mohd Noor

      cena is best in the world

    • King James

      Ryback has a ton of potential. But he’s not there yet. Until he learns to develop his character, he won’t be there. I thought WWE would learn from the mistakes of WCW and not push a wrestler before he’s ready (Goldberg).

      • Papa Georgio

        I agree, Ryback could be something given the proper time to grow as a performer and he should earn his stripes before beating former headliners like former World Champion Jack Swagger and Japanese icon Tensai aka Giant Albert. I hate when the WWE gives newbies a big push though Ryback would be stupid to not take a golden opportunity like the WWE is gifting him.

        • http://www.disqus/ ob4

          goldberg carries big weight Ryback could not even lift tensai
          goldberg was lifting big show and mark henry

    • Sondre Andersen

      Ryback doesn’t have the charisma it takes.

      • Papa Georgio

        Nor the in-ring time credentials.

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