News On Chaos Backstage At Battleground, Employees Gambling On PPV Finishes

Posted by Matt Boone October 10, 2013 1 Comment

-The scene backstage at the recent pay-per-view was said to be a chaotic one, as the script for the show was finalized on the Friday before the event, but the creative team weren’t told the finishes of the matches until approximately two hours before the show began. This would explain the drastic swings in the for the show, as the belief is people in call or text friends or family to place bets for them as soon as they become aware of the final creative plans. Obviously, the employees themselves won’t place their own bets for fear that they will be traced back to them.

-The following are some recent WWE figures for non-televised live events:

–The October 4th WWE live event in Syracuse, New York drew a reported 3,700 fans.

–The October 5th WWE live event in Rochester, New York drew a reported 5,400 fans.

–The October 5th WWE live event in Albany, New York drew a reported 3,500 fans.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]