News On Punk’s Rant At Fan On RAW, Identity Of Ryback Bully Victim On RAW, Devon

Posted by Matt Boone August 20, 2013 13 Comments

-According to reports, the CM Punk rant towards the fan on WWE RAW on Monday night was unscripted, and was a completely spur of the moment reaction by Punk.

-Devon Hughes (aka Devon) is currently accepting independent bookings through Bill Behrens. Those wishing to book Devon can e-mail:

-The guy in the shower and in the dressing room that Ryback was bullying on RAW on Monday night was indy wrestler Xtain Cole from Championship Wrestling for Hollywood.


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    • Mr. X

      Can someone fill me in on this? I must have missed that somehow and I don’t have it on DVR. Was it good? Was the fan heckling him or something?

      • Desperado

        all he did was boo him and punk went off like a spoiled brat. the dude was big and punk kept making fun of his weight and said come step in the ring and was talking all tough. even tho he damn well knows if that guy tried getting in the ring security would of tackled him. made punk like really immature IMO

        • Mr. X

          Ahhhh I see. Thanks man. Yeah typical Punk. He needs to have his ass kicked in real life just like Del Rio.

        • save_us.y2k

          typical internet wrestling fan. always yelling WE WANT THE ATTITUDE ERA BACK!!!! but the second someone does something remotely attitude eraish hes a spoiled brat? do you think when a heel says something like ” and all the hicks in this stupid town……” they really mean it? theyre playing characters. also that dude was fat. i guess youre not a fan of honesty either lol

          • Desperado

            dude if punk was a heel i wouldnt have said any of that. but he is a FACE now and the fact that someone booed him literally made him throw a temper tantrum. he was in disbelief. like orton said punk is a guy we NEEDS a chip on his shoulder. he always seeks one out

            • saveusy2k

              who said he was a face? punk sure as hell didnt.hes acting the same way now as he did in the middle of his title run. same thing happend with edge and now ziggler. just because people start cheering for you doesnt mean you have to change how you act. who cares anyway? the guy probably had the time of his life. i’d love for a wwe guy to yell atme on live tv.

            • Shelby

              That’s classic Punk, you asinine bitch. I’m pretty sure the chubby dude in the audience was freaking out because Punk was talking to him, so don’t get so butt hurt. Punk was in character, do you really think he’d get that angry over a damn story line? He did it just to add more of himself INTO a story line.

            • Desperado

              asinine bitch? come suck this dick thats all u good for

          • Daniel

            I honestly was pulled more into the segment more when Punk went off on the fan. It showed Punk was frustrated and upset. I thought it played extremely well, and created a great reaction to the fans. I turned my head and went, oh shit. Did he really do that? Wow!!!

          • Kage

            Exactly. People complain that wrestling is too tame, but wimp-out whenever something controversial actually happens.
            Jeff Jarrett & Kurt Angle bring their kids into their feud? They whine.
            When CM Punk makes fun of Lawler’s heart attack? They whine.
            Bully Ray (playing a HEEL) calls a fan a fag? They whine.
            Austin Aries (again, playing a heel role) crotches Christy Hemme? They whine.
            I hate this PC brigade that is determined to water-down anything and everything that is in the media – TV, books, film, games – and yes, pro-wrestling.

    • P.P. Johnny

      As P.P. Johnny said in another post, the Ryback segment of him bullying the guy in the locker room was ill advised. With the WWE’s anti-bullying campaign “Be A Star” in full swing, this sends mixed messages to younger fans.

      • Guest447886311247

        It actually doesnt. Ryback is a heel and therefore should be doing things like that. Now when three one percenters who were, at that time, supposed to be faces give a “performance review” where they make fun of a middle aged widow. Yes that sends a bad example.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Ryback stinks as a heal. Why is the WWE pushing for him to be a heal? Also with the WWE’s anti-bullying campaign “Be A Star” in full swing, this sends mixed messages to younger fans.

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