News On Tribute To The Troops 2013 & Saturday Morning Slam, WWEShop Sale

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– The 2013 WWE Tribute to the Troops special is scheduled to air on NBC on Saturday December 28th at 9 PM. The special will be 60 minutes, with a longer, 2-hour special airing on the USA Network at a later date.

– There is still no word on a new season of WWE’s “Saturday Morning Slam” TV show. Despite talk that the show would be returning for a second season, no new episodes have been taped and local TV affiliates have not been told anything about new episodes airing this fall.

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    • Guest47

      Does this story remind anyone else of 1999-2000 ish Corporate story lines?

    • pawan

      yes it is on the same path as the 99-2000 corporation vs dx story

      • Guest47

        Too bad there isn’t a “ministry” stable that could get into the mix. Even though I’m not crazy about recycling the story, that was one of the best ones! Maybe the Wyatt Family will fulfill that? Thoughts?

    • Bone Cold Steve Asstin


    • Guest47

      No it really wasn’t boring at all. You didn’t want to miss a second. Plus without DVR you had to time everything so you wouldn’t miss a moment. haha. Missing the old days, but I guess everything good has to come to an end. It just gives us good memories to look back on.

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