WWE Keeping Cena Happy, YouTube PPV Pre-Shows

Posted by Matt Boone May 15, 2012 7 Comments

- Because of the divorce news that came out last week, WWE officials wanted to make sure that John Cena was upbeat and positive on last night’s RAW Supershow from Pittsburgh.

- As noted before, Zack Ryder vs. Kane will take place on YouTube for the WWE Over the Limit pre-show this coming Sunday. Vince McMahon was so impressed with the Extreme Rules pre-show numbers that we can expect to see regular pay-per-view pre-show matches on YouTube from here on out.

WWE is making good money from their new YouTube partnership, which is why we’ve seen a lot more videos being uploaded to the account lately.

  • WWE

    WWE Officials: “hi John, how ya doing buddy?, were worried about you”
    Cena: “erm, I’m not too bad”
    WWE Officials: “great, great, that’s a really good attitude to have at a time like this. NOW GET OUT THERE AND CRACK A F*****G SMILE ON YOUR MISERABLE UNTALENTED FACE!”
    Cena: “you big bullies, my mom will hear all about this!”

    • goobernuts

      What a retard!

      • goobernuts is nuts

        shut up goobernuts, get a sense of humour in your cold, miserable existance

  • seriuosly?

    Lol hell that made me smile what you just said lol. He’s been with her a long time and now he’s getting divorced. I mean come on its only natural to be upset. Get off his back vince

  • eve torresssss

    who else do you want me to make ‘happy’?

    • Vincent Kennedy McMahon

      Get down on your knees and make me happy or…

      • Orlando Jordan

        How bout I get on my knees and make you happy, i’ll have u sayin…
        YOU’RE HIRED!

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