News On WWE’s Plans To Induct The Rock & nWo In The Hall Of Fame

Posted by Matt Boone March 25, 2014 7 Comments

While there have been some rumors that the reason WWE is inducting Scott Hall as “Razor Ramon” to the WWE Hall Of Fame this year is because they plan to induct him again as Scott Hall next year as part of a faction-induction with the nWo, that likely won’t be the case, at least not in 2015.

From all accounts, it appears as though WWE is hoping to induct The Rock next year, and the guys in the nWo (Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) probably won’t want to be inducted the same year as Rock, as they would likely be featured as the “co-main event” of the ceremony with The Rock being the obvious headliner.

Speaking of Razor Ramon’s induction, you can check out his Hall Of Fame video below:

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Radio)

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    • Lee Macko

      So should Mick Foley be inducted as Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love as well?

      • AM Real

        Probably not the dudester but definatley for Jack…Mankind is a bit of a stretch also

        • Will $teel

          he won the title as Mankind tho

    • Chuck Hughes Jr.

      Some one explain to me why Scott Hall deserves to be a 2 time Hall of famer? Really? I never thought he was that great to get in once, but twice? Lame

      • Big c

        1st of all it was revolutionary when the outsiders invaded wcw and they both deserve simply because if not for that the Monday night wars may have never been. And how is razor Ramon not worthy, if not for him and michaels we may not even have ladder matches today. Not to mention the first ever 4 time ic champion and probably the best ever to not hold the wwf/e title

        • Chuck Hughes Jr.

          Ok, the revolutionary aspect I’ll give you. But a guy that never won a prestigious singles title other than the intercontinental, and has NEVER been in the “headline” match at mania, or I don’t recall any other ppvs that he did (I could be wrong though). I just don’t see THAT as being someone that deserves being inducted twice. Combine Scott Hall w/ Razor Ramon and induct him once, I’m good with that. So I guess Brett Hart’s gonna get in twice too because of the Hart Foundation? Or Shawn Michaels for the Rockers? I hope not. That will just make the honor seem a little diminished in my book. Just my opinion though. But again I agree that it was revolutionary. I don’t however feel like what people did in WCW get in so easy. Yes the NWO came to WWE, but I don’t really recall Scott Hall, or Nash for that matter having any “HUGE” rivalries, or amazing matches, or playing that big a role when they came back to WWE.

    • Kris Godwin

      And who says the WWE HOF is a joke…

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