NFL Player Trashes Cena, DiBiase Gets Food Poisoning, More

— NFL player Adam Carriker apparently isn’t a fan of WWE star John Cena. The Redskins player called cena “cheesy” in this blog entry:

“A lot of you know that I am big wrestling fan. I thought I would offer an opinion about a couple things. First of all, I miss WCW. The WWE needs some competition. I miss flipping back and forth between the end of Raw and Nitro trying to catch the end of both of them at the same time; and this was before TiVo, so if you missed the end, you missed it. TNA is trying to come up in the wrestling world but they just aren’t to that level where they can push the WWE and make them better. One last thing: I really wish Goldberg, The Rock or Stone Cold would come back. Wrestling really lacks a major star right now, unless you count John Cena, who I like, but find rather cheesy. By the way, Goldberg is my favorite wrestler of all time. Who knows, maybe that will be what I do when I’m finished with football. I could definitely body slam a few people. Watch out, the Dark Horse is coming!”

Then last week, he posted this to his Twitter after meeting Cena at a WWE event:

“You know that @JohnCena can’t see @BigPoppaPump! Best part about meeting him was I was wearing a “Rock” t-shirt, lol!!”

— Ted DiBiase tweeted last night that he came down with food poisoning in Las Vegas. That caused him to miss his pre-SmackDown DiBiase Posse party. He was able to recover enough to work a match though. DiBiase tweeted the following:

“Don’t know how I managed to get through the day today. Woke up at 5am with food poison (I’ll spare you details)!! Very sorry to Vegas DPP!!!

Some things are out of my control… This morning and throughout the day it was my bowels!! I’ll make it up to you guys next time!! Promise”

He later noted that he thought it was “the Lobster sandwich I had in the mall” when asked.