Nikki Bella Turns Heel And Joins The Authority, Celebrities Attend SummerSlam

Posted by Matt Boone August 18, 2014 6 Comments

- With WWE SummerSlam taking place in Los Angeles, California, several Hollywood celebrities were in attendance. Among them were Maria Menounos, Michelle Beadle, Bill Simmons, and Ronda Rousey, who was accompanied by members of her “Four Horsewomen” stable. I noticed Shayna Baszler sitting next to Rousey, but the shot of Rousey at ringside was so brief, I couldn’t tell who else was sitting with her.

– During the Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella match at WWE SummerSlam on Sunday night in Los Angeles, Nikki Bella made the heel turn that we reported about in the past few weeks. With the help of Nikki, who hit Brie and turned on her sister, Stephanie McMahon ended up winning the match. Afterwards, the announcers spoke about Nikki Bella turning on her sister and “joining The Authority.”


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    • Jeremy

      This is a lame angle that doesn’t intrigue me. The only ones that are truly keeping the Diva division alive is AJ and Paige. Bring in more NXT ladies that can actually wrestle or get rid of the Divas division period.

      • Guest

        Yeah bring in more female talent that’ll be horribly booked and given only 5 minutes to put on a match. Also getting rid of the division wouldn’t accomplish nothing much like WWE scrapping the cruiserweight division.

    • ♦Misho♦

      Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) was also there.

      • Homeboy


        • Canuck 703

          Some guy form a WB teen show.


      ohh they do have good Diva’s they just don’t use them like they use too… AJ and Paige really suck at wrestling lol… Paige is too green to even be in the ring.. They make the diva’s lay down and it sucks use them to their full potential.

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