Nuclear Heat On Brock Lesnar: Backstage News On His Future

Posted by Brad Davis June 7, 2012 13 Comments

For those wondering why there has been no mention of Brock Lesnar on WWE television over the last couple weeks, there is said to be “nuclear heat” on Lesnar, some of which stems his recent appearance at the UFC 146 pay-per-view.

Brock Lesnar visited the event and met with UFC President Dana White without the advance knowledge of Vince McMahon. Even before the UFC incident, Lesnar has been extremely difficult to deal with behind the scenes. Lesnar was high maintenance during his first run with the company nearly a decade ago. Now, he’s back, making much more money and working far fewer dates.

WWE has taken a few shots at Lesnar on television in recent weeks, including the Big Show’s promo talking about being a “fighter, not a sports entertainer” and Triple H’s taped promo on RAW where he was not wearing an arm brace to sell Lesnar’s recent attack.

WWE has had to deal with contract negotiations with megastars before (The Rock, Steve Austin), but Lesnar is a different animal because he does not like the wrestling business and has the option of going back to UFC to make huge money to fight a few more times.

Instead of keeping Brock Lesnar’s character on television through video packages or appearances by Paul Heyman, he’s now off the radar entirely until it’s time for WWE to start building towards his match against Triple H at SummerSlam.

After SummerSlam, Lesnar is not expected to make any more appearances for many months. It’s known that Lesnar’s contract requires very few appearances – and it’s now believed that the number of required dates is even fewer than previously reported. He is not scheduled to wrestle at Survivor Series and might not be back until 2013. It’s known whether he’ll even be at the Royal Rumble, so right now, the only events that are locked in are SummerSlam and WrestleMania 29.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Papa Georgio

      Brock is such a diva, I can’t believe the WWE would be stupid enough to waste their money on a wanker like him.

      • xzecutioner

        Give the guy a fking break , we all knew he is that kind of cocky guy still people like him and therefore gave him a huge pop when he returned & than as WWE does , they pour water on him & made him jobbed to Cena which was probably best match happened after Wrestlemania totally coz of his brand new MMA style Wrestling.He reminds me of something in between of old Dx version of Shawn Michaels & Ultimate Warrior ,WWE has to deal with him in that fashion all along.

        Making him heel against Cena was really bad idea according to me otherwise we would have seen different side of him & fan had something less to complaining about.

    • Thomas Holbrook II

      Those complaining about Lesnar need to keep in mind that he is his own person who knows what he’s worth, so he’s not about to allow himself to be controlled or contained by a corporate entity such as the WWE. That’s the same reason why the Ultimate Warrior was bashed and crapped on for years; they couldn’t control him because he knew what he was worth.

      • Gutcheck

        Bro, I get where your coming from on this but bear in mind, The Ultimate Warrior’s let’s say “previous profession prior to wrestling” meant he pretty much learned how much he was worth. :P

        Aside from that, I just don’t think someone who doesn’t like the business should be allowed to profit off of it. :(

      • brotha bro

        PLEASE dont compare ultimate warrior with brock. brock actually has athletic talent, look what hes accomplished. warrior was a piss poor champion who hated the business. he was handed the belt and couldnt hold it or even be a champion. he was a roid freak and nothing better than a dingo.

    • Peter

      Lets face it. WWE needed Lesnar more than Lesnar needed WWE and by the looks of it, Lesnar did shake things up a little. You can’t take the fact that his match with Cena was a good one and what WWE needed to restore its fans’ faith to the company. Sure, he’s a prima donna, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    • Mark Henry

      Brocks the only good thing going in WWE right now so I say he can do whatever the he11 he wants. Their wasting him with his next match against HHH’s sorry azz anyways.

    • Broski

      Lesnar is sooo difficult!

    • b-ri

      so because of personal problems wwe wants to act like a baby and not keep the storyline now the story wont make any sense lets be honest the reason brock is being like this is bcuz wwe screwed him for the ending of extreme rules maybe when wwe knows how to treat a talent they will be in better shape

    • Sofa

      and when i think wwe tries to build new talents they just bring back old ones…

    • Prabhu Prasad

      waste of money waste of time waste of talent . lesner should watch once taker. wwe plese dont spend money on uncontrolable stupid

    • steve_fromBelize

      That’s what you get WWE for getting a washed-up UFC fighter that think he’s “God” to the Business…..should of kept dudes like Morrison, Shelton Benjami, real worker and build on thier character…..but i guess that what you get when you go in the “Entertainment Business”

    • Mr_Sosa

      And yet people complain about the decisions that are made in TNA when they hire seasoned wrestlers to huge pay checks. Clearly this deal with Brock was a waste of money. At least TNA makes Flair, Hogan and Bischoff work for their checks. Driving them into the poor house is one thing (TNA), but going after a jacked-up freak for ratings and he does little to earn it is clearly insane (WWE).

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