WWE Money in the Bank Results – 7/15/2012

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- The 2012 WWE Money in the Bank pre-show opens with Matt Striker and Scott Stanford from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ. They hype tonight’s tag team title match and tonight’s pay-per-view card.

– Zack Ryder is backstage with Santino Marella talking about Money in the Bank. Damien Sandow walks up but Ryder cuts him off. Sandow says he will win the World Heavyweight Title Money in the Bank contract.

Hunico and Camacho vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

We go to the ring and out comes the WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Out next comes the team of Hunico and Camacho. Hunico speaks and says he and Camacho are the future of WWE. Apparently this is a non-title match. Truth starts off with Hunico.

Lots of stalling to start. Truth strikes first and tags in Kofi for a bit of double teaming. Kofi leaps in and gets a 1 count. Hunico fights back but Kofi stops him and goes for another pin attempt. Truth tags back in and they double team Hunico some more. Truth drops a big leg drop for another 2 count. Hunico turns it around and Camacho gets in a cheap shot before tagging in.

Camacho comes in and works over Truth before tagging Hunico back in. Truth tries to fight back but Hunico drops him. Truth gets in a kick to the face and both men go down. Truth tags in and Kofi leaps in high to take out Hunico. Camacho goes down next. Kofi unloads on Hunico and hits the Boom Drop. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Hunico ducks it and kicks out his leg. Hunico dumps Kofi to the floor but he fights back in. Kofi gets hung up on the ropes by Camacho. Hunico with a dropkick and a tag to Camacho. Camacho nails a big back body drop and taunts Truth. Camacho with a leg drop on Kofi for 2.

Hunico gets in a cheap shot as the challengers keep control. Hunico tags back in with a big kick to the face. Hunico takes Kofi to the mat with a headlock now. Hunico stops a pin and powerbombs Kofi for a close 2 count. Hunico with more offense in the corner. Kofi comes back and hits a big hurricanrana from the corner. Truth tags in as does Camacho. Truth with a pair of clotheslines and a big powerslam. Truth with a big DDT and a 2 count as Hunico breaks the pin. Kofi comes in and hits Trouble in Paradise on Hunico. Truth drops Camacho on his face for the win.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

– Josh Mathews is backstage with Chris Jericho. Mathews asks about his strategy for tonight’s Money in the Bank match. Jericho says his strategy is to win. Jericho gives props to Kane, Big Show and John Cena but admits he’s never won Money in the Bank. Jericho says that changes tonight because after the match, he will also be referred to as the Greatest of All-Time.

– We get a video package for the Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio feud.

– Josh Mathews is backstage with Daniel Bryan. Mathews asks about the wedding proposals on RAW. Bryan refers to AJ Lee as his future wife, not his ex-girlfriend. Bryan talks about how AJ is honest and a caring woman. Bryan says he will emerge tonight with the WWE Title and AJ’s heart. We get a video package for tonight’s WWE Title match.

– The 2012 WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view opens up with a video package looking back at previous Money in the Bank matches and when the winners cashed in their briefcases.

– We’re live from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona as Michael Cole welcomes us to Money in the Bank. We go right to the ring. He’s joined by Booker T and Jerry Lawler.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Heavyweight Title Shot: Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow vs. Santino Marella vs. Christian vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Tensai vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Sin Cara

We go to the ring and out comes Vickie Guerrero to introduce Dolph Ziggler. Out next comes WWE United States Champion Santino Marella. Ladders are set up all around the ring and the entrance way. Cody Rhodes is out next followed by Damien Sandow followed by Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, Tensai and finally WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian.

The bell rings and everyone goes at it. Tensai takes some guys out and dumps Santino to the floor early on. Tensai brings a ladder in the ring where Christian and Kidd are down. Tensai brings another ladder in as Sakamoto watches from ringside. Tensai stomps on Kidd and lays a ladder in in the corner. Tensai catapults Kidd under the ladder and knocks him out. Tensai sets up a ladder under the briefcase but Christian stops him. Tensai splashes Christian and puts a ladder on him int he corner. Kidd hits Tensai from behind with a ladder and Christian hits from the front with a ladder. They double team Tensai and clothesline him with a ladder. Everyone else is still out on the floor. Tensai gets dumped to the floor and Kidd goes at it with Christian now. Kidd goes out and Christian climbs up but Santino meets him on the ladder. They trade shots under the briefcase and Kidd climbs up. They all fight but Sandow tips the ladder over and stomps away.

Ziggler and Cody come in and go at it now. Ziggler whips Cody into a ladder and he goes down. Ziggler misses the leg drop and Cody kicks him in the gut. Cara comes in and takes them both out. Cara with kicks and a hurricanrana on Cody, sending him out to the floor. Ziggler goes to the top but Cara stops him. Cara drops Ziggler by his arm from the top rope and Ziggler goes to the floor. Kidd comes in and hits a neckbreaker on Cara. They trade holds and Cara looks to go for a pinfall. Cara slams Kidd on a ladder and climbs up to the top rope. Christian pushes Cara off to the floor. Christian goes for a frogsplash on Kidd ontop of the ladder but Kidd moves and Christian lands hard. Cody comes in and goes at it with Kidd. Kidd ducks a Disaster Kick and it hits Sandow. Kidd leaps in with a dropkick on Cody, sending him back to the floor. Kidd climbs up but Tensai stops him. Santino climbs up but Tensai grabs him. Tensai has a powerbomb botched but tosses Santino out to the floor. Kidd climbs up again but this time Tensai grabs him for a powerbomb. Kidd takes Tensai down with a headscissors and they both fall to the floor. Sandow climbs for the briefcase but Cara stops him. Sandow beats Cara down and climbs back up.

Christian stops Sandow and almost gets the briefcase but Sandow pulls him down. Sandow blocks Killswitch and pulls Christian down again. Sandow beats Christian some more and goes to slam him on a ladder but Christian blocks it and hits an inverted DDT. Christian goes to spear Sandow into a ladder and finally hits it after some back and forth. Christian climbs up again but Ziggler and Cody interrupt him. They pull him down hard and he rolls out to the floor. Cody and Ziggler climb up at the same time and trade shots on top of the ladder. Tensai pulls Ziggler down and knocks Cody off then out of the ring. Tensai climbs up the ladder but Kidd meets him at the top. Kidd knocks him off but Santino grabs his leg. Cara climbs up but Tensai knocks him off and fights Santino off. Christian hits Tensai with a ladder shot. Santino and Christian double team Tensai with ladder shots now. The feed cuts out but comes back on with Christian and Ziggler on top of the ladder. Kidd sets up a ladder as does Sandow. Kidd leaps over and powerbombs Ziggler hard to the mat from the ladder. Sandow and Christian go at it. Sandow knocks him off and climbs up but can’t make it. Christian knocks Sandow in the head with a ladder. They both tumble out to the floor.

Tensai slams Cara hard on a ladder propped up at ringside. Ziggler comes over but Tensai tosses him hard onto the announcers chairs. Cody drops Tensai with a Disaster Kick. Kidd and Cody climb up for the briefcase but end up on the mat after a spear from Christian to Cody. Christian and Santino climb up now. Christian knocks Santino off and reaches for the briefcase. He can’t get a hold on it. Ziggler runs up and knocks Christian off. Ziggler grabs the briefcase and wins the match.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

– Backstage segment with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. He isn’t worried about Dolph Ziggler and isn’t worried about Alberto Del Rio beating him tonight.

– Justin Roberts introduces The Miz and out he comes to the stage. Miz says he has been off filming a movie but is tired of being overlooked. He announces that he will be in tonight’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match featuring former WWE Champions.

– We get a RAW 1,000th video looking back at Mick Foley winning the WWE Title as Mankind.

– We get a preview video for tonight’s World Heavyweight Title match.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

Lilian Garcia is in the ring for introductions as the challenger Alberto Del Rio comes out first. World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is out next to a nice pop from the crowd.

Ricardo Rodriguez does the formal ring introduction for Del Rio while Lilian does it for Sheamus. The bell rings and they go at it. Del Rio goes out and comes back in. They lock up and Del Rio smacks Sheamus. Sheamus beats him down in the corner and is forced to back off. Del Rio comes back and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Sheamus takes it back to the corner and beats Del Rio down again. More back and forth. Del Rio works on the arm. Sheamus drops Del Rio with a knee to the head for a 2 count. Sheamus with more knees and another pin attempt.

Del Rio ends up hung on the ropes. Sheamus throws him into the outside of corner and suplexes him in from the apron. Sheamus goes to the top and hits the battering ram for a 2 count. Sheamus brings it back in but is distracted by Ricardo. Sheamus gets kicked by Del Rio and he falls to the floor. Del Rio comes out and slams the injured arm of Sheamus into the steps. Del Rio throws Sheamus into the fan barrier and brings it back in the ring. Del Rio climbs to the top and comes down with a forearm for a 2 count. Del Rio goes back to the arm now. More back and forth, another 2 count for Del Rio. Del Rio goes back to work on the arm and beats Sheamus down. Del Rio with another 2 count. Del Rio with another arm submission. Del Rio with kicks now. Another arm lock but Sheamus fights out. Del Rio runs into a big boot after a headbutt and gets caught with a swinging neckbreaker. Sheamus with a clothesline but Del Rio comes right out of the corner and goes for another pin attempt.

They brawl and Sheamus runs into the ring post. Del Rio with another big kick and a 2 count. Del Rio with more kicks and a headbutt to send Sheamus back down. Del Rio goes for the cross armbreaker but Sheamus blocks it. Sheamus ends up on the apron. He tries to come in with the battering ram but Del Rio catches him with an armbreaker for a 2 count. Del Rio taunts Sheamus now. Sheamus picks him up and rams him back into the corner. Sheamus with a running knee lift and a big powerslam for 2. Sheamus takes Del Rio on the apron and hits the big forearm shots to the chest.

Del Rio grabs the arm and slams it over the top rope to come back in the ring. Sheamus catches him with the Irish Curse backbreaker for a 2 count. Sheamus picks Del Rio up but he slides out. Del Rio with a kick to the face. Sheamus side steps another cross armbreaker. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but gets hung on the rope. Del Rio with the armbreaker for another close 2 count. Del Rio with a big kick to the gut. Del Rio waits on Sheamus to get up and misses the kick tot he back of the head. Sheamus hits White Noise and gets ready to put Del Rio away. The crowd chants “Brogue” before Sheamus nails the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

– After the match, Ricardo jumps on Sheamus’ back and stops the celebration. Del Rio attacks and beats Sheamus down to the mat. Del Rio mounts him with right hands before both of them stomp away on Sheamus. The music hits and out comes Dolph Ziggler to cash in. He lays Del Rio out with a briefcase shot and talks with the referee. Sheamus gets up and hits him with a Brogue Kick before the match can start. Ziggler still has a title shot. Sheamus poses with the World Title before celebrating with the fans on the way to the back.

– They replay Daniel Bryan’s interview from the pre-show.

– We go to the ring and out come the WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in suits. They take a seat for commentary on the next match.

Titus O’Neil and Darren Young vs. Primo and Epico

AW comes to the stage and introduces the Prime Time Players – Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. Out next comes Rosa Mendes with Primo and Epico.

Titus starts off with Epico. AW is mic’d up at ringside again and we hear him cheering his team on. Epico takes Titus to the corner but he fights out. Primo tags in and they double dropkick Titus. Titus ends up tagging in and Young goes at it with Primo. Epico sends Young out to the floor and Primo leaps out onto him. Titus gets dumped and Epico leaps out onto them all. Epico brings Young back in the ring and covers for 2.

Young turns it around on Epico and tags in Titus. Titus overpowers Epico and takes a shot at Primo. Titus tosses Epico out to the floor and AW asks the fans to give an applause for his team. Titus rams Epico into the ring post and rolls him back into the ring. Titus slams Epico hard and tags back in Young. Titus suplexes Young onto Epico. Young keeps control of Epico and works him over on the apron. Titus tags back in and bends Epico around the ring post. Titus with a backbreaker and a big fallaway slam for a 2 count as Primo breaks it up. Titus whips Epico to the corner as AW makes a Taco Bell joke and tricks Rosa into dancing. Epico and Titus both go down but tag in Young and Primo. They go at it. Titus gets knocked off the apron. Primo with a big chop from the top on Young. Primo with more offense and a splash off the second rope for 2. Primo dropkicks Young into the ropes and jumps onto him. Primo springboards back in but Young catches him in mid-air with knees to the face. Young looks to put him away but Primo gets the win after a quick roll up.

Winners: Primo and Epico

– AW joins his team in the ring as Primo and Epico leave with Rosa. He says it doesn’t matter because they are still the #1 contenders. AW, Young and Titus go to ringside and argue with Kofi and Truth. Truth throws water all over AW. Titus and Young hold AW back from going at it Kofi. Truth holds Lil’ Jimmy back. Kofi’s music hits as Young and O’Neil leave with AW.

– We get a look at the events leading up to tonight’s WWE Title match. Matt Striker is backstage with AJ Lee. She says despite what happened on RAW, CM Punk is an amazing human being. She says Daniel Bryan is her first love and starts to lose her mind a little. She says she has to go and walks off for the match.

No DQ Match for the WWE Title: Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk

We go to the ring and out comes the special referee AJ. Out next comes the challenger Daniel Bryan. Bryan enters the ring and kisses AJ on her hand. WWE Champion CM Punk is out next to a big pop. Justin Roberts does formal ring introductions before the bell.

The bell rings and they go at it. They end up on the floor early and Punk hits Bryan with big chops and rams him into the apron. Bryan whips Punk into the barrier and hits some chops of his own. Bryan brings it back in the ring and drops a knee on Punk. Bryan chants yes as he kicks Punk over and over. Punk rolls Bryan up out of nowhere for 2. Punk fights Bryan into the corner with knees to the gut. Punk with more chops in the corner. Bryan turns it around and rakes at Punk’s face. Bryan with more chops and yes chants. Punk fires back with chops and now they’re trading them. They switch to kicks but Punk drops Bryan with an uppercut.

Punk with a knee to the back but he looks at AJ and Bryan turns it around. Bryan with a series of kicks on Punk. Bryan with a 1 count. Bryan applies a submission as AJ checks on Punk. Bryan drops Punk with a shoulder and they run the ropes. Punk connects with a dropkick and Bryan rolls out to the floor. Punk runs and suicide dives through the ropes, taking Bryan out. Punk gets up on the barrier and poses for the fans. Punk fights Bryan towards the entrance area. They block each others suplexes. Punk slaps Bryan into the fan barrier on the entrance way. Punk brings Bryan back in the ring. Bryan shoves Punk into AJ and she falls down at ringside. Punk comes out to check on her and Bryan attacks from behind.

Bryan throws Punk into the steel steps and goes to check on AJ. Trainers are also out checking on her. They walk AJ back to the back and a new referee comes out as Bryan kicks away on Punk at ringside. Bryan runs off the apron and tackles Punk on the floor. Bryan drops Punk over the steel steps and hits him with more kicks. Bryan whips Punk hard into the fan barrier. Bryan charges but Punk dumps him over and into the timekeeper’s area. Punk sits Bryan up on the barrier. Punk leaps up and clotheslines Bryan off and they both go to the floor.

The crowd chants for tables now. Punk pulls one out from under the ring and they pop. Bryan attacks from behind and slams Punk on the floor. Bryan pulls out a kendo stick from under the ring and chants yes. Punk avoids the first kendo shot and the second. Punk rolls in the ring and waits for Bryan to enter with the stick. Bryan connects with the stick and enters the ring. Pun ducks and takes it. Bryan hits Punk before he can use it and the stick goes to the mat. They go at it and Bryan catches Punk in mid-air with a kendo stick shot as he leaps in with a clothesline. Bryan with a 2 count. Bryan whips Punk over and over in the back with the kendo stick now.

Bryan covers for a 2 count. Bryan takes Punk back to the corner and rakes at his face. Bryan with kicks in the corner and a snap suplex. Bryan leaps off the top with a headbutt but Punk rolls out of the way. They trade kicks and forearms in the middle of the ring. Punk with clotheslines and a neckbreaker. 2 count for Punk. Punk with knees to the body now followed by the high knee in the corner. Bryan blocks the bulldog but Punk catches him in a powerslam for another 2 count. Punk calls for GTS now.

Bryan blocks GTS. Punk blocks the Yes Lock. Bryan blocks GTS again with a counter. Bryan kicks Punk in the head for a close 2 count. Bryan with another kendo stick shot. Punk blocks a submission and wails away on Bryan with the kendo stick. Punk makes it up and climbs to the top rope. Bryan cuts him off and climbs up for a superplex. Bryan nails it but has trouble getting up. AJ comes running to the ring and tells the other referee to get out.

AJ skips around the ring as both men are down. She brings a steel chair in, sits it in the middle of the ring and steps back smiling. Bryan and Punk go for the chair but Bryan grabs it first. He unloads on Punk with chairshots but only gets a 2 count. Bryan gets upset with her count. He talks to her but Punk rolls him up from behind for a 2 count. Bryan pleads with AJ some more and unloads on Punk with kicks, saying these are for her. Bryan beats Punk down with a ton of kicks in the corner as AJ looks on. Bryan charges in the corner but Punk comes out with a big clothesline. Punk grabs the chair now and wails away on Bryan with it. Punk wedges the chair in the corner but AJ stands in front of it as Punk grabs Bryan. Punk tells her to move. She does when he walks over but Bryan attacks and dropkicks Punk into the corner. Dueling chants from the crowd now. Bryan goes for the kendo stick but AJ steps on it and laughs. Bryan turns around to a big shot from Punk. Punk scoops Bryan with the chair and slams him on it. Punk climbs to the top for an elbow drop but Bryan moves and Punk lands on the chair. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but Punk crawls. Bryan grabs the kendo stick and uses it for leverage in the Yes Lock. AJ checks on Punk as Bryan screams yes. Punk fights out of the hold by using the kendo stick. Punk catapults Bryan into the corner and then catches him with GTS. Punk goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out at 2.

Punk goes to the floor and brings a table in the ring. He lays Bryan on top of it and beats on him some more. Punk climbs to the top for the elbow drop but Bryan rolls off the table and stops Punk before he can jump. Bryan with right hands and a kick to the face. Bryan climbs up with Punk but Punk counters and drops Bryan between his legs on the top turnbuckle. Punk climbs back up and hits Bryan with elbows. Punk hits a huge backdrop from the top, sending Bryan crashing through the table. AJ counts and Punk gets the win.

Winner: CM Punk

– After the match, AJ takes the WWE Title and hands it to Punk, who goes to the corner to celebrate. AJ looks confused and a bit upset as Bryan lays knocked out on the broken table. We go to replays with AJ watching Punk celebrate.

– We get a plug for Tout.

Ryback vs. Tyler Reks and Cut Hwkins

We go to the ring and out comes the team of Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins. Ryback is out next. He starts with Hawkins and controls most of the match. They run around the ring and back in where Reks gets involved. Reks drops Ryback and goes for a pin but doesn’t get a count. Reks unloads on Ryback and keeps him on the mat for a minute.

Hawkins comes in for some double teaming. Hawkins takes control and tags Reks back in. Another quick tag and more double teaming on Ryback. Hawkins with a 1 count. Ryback catches Hawkins with a huge slam. Reks comes in but Ryback runs over him several times. Ryback takes it to the corner for shoulder thrusts. He scoops Ryback up and just drops him on the mat. Hawkins runs in but Ryback slams him and hits a huge powerbomb. Ryback tosses Hawkins out to the floor and drops Reks with a clothesline. Ryback scoops Reks and drops him with Shell Shocked for the win.

Winner: Ryback

– More hype for the 1,000th RAW with a look back at Chris Jericho’s debut.

Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve Torres

We go to the ring and out first comes the WWE Divas Champion Layla followed by her partners Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka. Their opponents are out next – Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve Torres.

Natalya starts off with Tamina and they go at it. Natalya drops her with a shoulder and poses. They run the ropes and Tamina slams Natalya then hits a clothesline. Kaitlyn tags in and hits a backbreaker on Natalya for a 2 count. Natalya runs to the corner and hugs Beth before tagging her in. Beth and Kaitlyn meet in the middle of the ring. Beth slaps her. Kaitlyn slaps back and Eve is tagged in. Kaitlyn drops Eve and then hits Natalya. Kaitlyn with a crossbody on Eve for a 2 count. Kaitlyn runs into an elbow and Eve drops her coming out of the corner. Eve with a 1 count. Eve with a headlock now. Beth comes back in to work on Kaitlyn some more. Beth runs and leaps at Kaitlyn but she moves. Layla tags in and goes at it with Beth. Beth with a crossbody out of the corner for a 2 count. Beth ducks a kick and presses Layla high over her head. Layla slides down for a roll up but Natalya breaks it. Kaitlyn comes in and takes out Natalya. All 6 Divas are going at it now. It comes down to Tamina superkicking Beth. Layla takes advantage and drops Beth for the win.

Winners Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina

– We see crew members adding more ladders to the ringside area.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a WWE Title Shot: Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. Big Show vs. John Cena vs. The Miz

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes Kane. Chris Jericho is out next followed by The Miz, Big Show and then John Cena to a big pop.

The bell rings and everyone goes at it. They end up on the floor except for Cena and Show. Cena knocks Show out of the ring and he tumbles out with him. Miz climbs up for the briefcase but Cena runs back in and stops him. Show comes in and takes out Cena and Miz. Show knocks Jericho off the apron. Show tosses a ladder from the ring out into Jericho and the floor. Kane and Show go at it now. Kane goes for the big DDT but Show catches him for a scoop slam. Miz comes in but Show knocks him out of the air and back to the floor. Jericho comes in with a ladder but Show knocks him down also.

Jericho with a Codebreaker but Miz with a DDT. Cena and Show end up on the floor. Cena takes Show and puts him through a table with an Attitude Adjustment. Everyone else comes over and buries Show under a huge pile of ladders. Jericho decks Kane with a ladder. Jericho and Miz go at it in the ring now. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho and Miz reaches for the ropes and then taps out. Jericho tightens the hold but breaks it to dropkick a ladder into Kane. Jericho with a suplex on Miz. Jericho sets a ladder in the corner but knocks Cena off the apron with it first. Miz climbs up for the briefcase but Jericho stops him. Jericho whips Miz face first into a ladder. Jericho climbs up the ladder but Cena stops him. Cena knocks Jericho to the floor. Miz stops Cena from getting the briefcase and climbs up. Kane comes in and tips the ladder over. Kane climbs up for the briefcase but can’t get it. Miz and Jericho double suplex Kane on top of a ladder. Cena comes back in and takes Jericho and Miz down with shoulders. Cena slams Miz on a ladder and does the same with Jericho.

Cena hits a double Five Knuckle Shuffle on Jericho and Miz. Kane gets involved but all of them get sent to the floor on ladders except Jericho. Jericho goes out and slams a ladder onto Miz. Jericho brings a ladder back in and climbs up for the briefcase. Show finally appears from under the pile of ladders and he’s pissed. Show comes in and tears the ladder apart with Jericho on it. Show tears a ladder up and throws a couple onto Kane. Cena comes in as Show continues to throw ladders at people. Show goes to work on Cena now. Show puts a ladder on Cena and splashes into it.

Show has cleared the ring of normal ladders now. He goes under the ring and brings out a huge super strength ladder. It’s a big one as Show struggles for a moment bringing it in the ring. Show finally positions the ladder and begins to climb it. Kane comes in and meets Show on the ladder. They trade shots and grab each other for a chokeslam. Show knocks Kane off with a big knockout punch. Cena runs up on the ladder but Show knocks him off with a headbutt. Jericho attacks Show from behind with a steel chair. Show falls off the ladder and Jericho continues with chairshots. Cena and Jericho climb up now. They reach for the briefcase and fight it out up high. Cena goes for an AA but Jericho slides on his back and applies a sleeper hold on the ladder.

Cena powers up to the top of the ladder with Jericho on his back. Cena looks to pass out at the top of the ladder with the sleeper hold still applied. Miz climbs up the other side but Jericho punches him to the mat. Cena comes to but falls to the mat. Jericho goes for the briefcase but Miz meets him. They both grab for it and struggle. Miz tries for a superplex from way up high but it doesn’t happen. Big Show climbs up the ladder now as Jericho reaches for the briefcase. Show and Jericho lock eyes at the top. A knockout punch sends Jericho to the mat. Down goes Miz. Cena runs up and uses the briefcase on Show as a weapon. Cena grabs the briefcase to win and knocks Show off the ladder with it.

Winner: John Cena

– We go to replays and Money in the Bank goes off the air with Cena celebrating at ringside.

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    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      Expect more filler matches and segments later tonight

      • ExtremeWrestlingFan

        I hope that Kane wins the MITB match again tonight. So then that way Kane can pin whoever is WWE Champion and leaves with AJ doing that infamous Jump kiss. YES YES YES YES YEEEEEESSSS!!!

    • McC

      8 men in the heavyweight match and 4 in the wwe title match? wtf i think that is so stupid

      • Ice

        the heavyweight money in the bank will definately be more entertaining than the wwe one

        • KenFromNY

          And how right you are! I would agree with you, simply because the heavyweight MITB match had guys in there with something to prove. The Raw brand MITB match… no one could be naive enough to be surprised by that.

      • http://www.facebook.com/shinichikudo93 Shahrul Jasnizam Chasrodin

        not 4,but 5 MITB WWE Title Match after The Miz making shocking that announce he join this match…..

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      i thought hhh wanted to bring back the tag division, the goofy, big nosed liar

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    • I Am GoD


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      its about damn time, Ziggler is the best guy on the roster, I hope he cashes in tonight

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      Rey mysterio randy orton the miz and the rock WILL be in mitb

      • Doodoo brown

        Dirk a derrrrrr

      • John cena

        Yes I won My fans Listen To me this was very difficult couse i suck man

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      So AW is racist!!!! How sad!!! I really dis like him!!!

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        Don’t be silly, only caucasian males can be racist or sexist. Otherwise, they’re either ‘cultured’ or ‘empowered’.

    • http://facebook.com/HoustonTexansFanatic TexansFanatic

      I’m SO glad that Ziggler won. I mean this guy has TALENT. I wish that he cashes it in soon and takes the belt away from Sheamus. I know Sheamus has the title due to him being Triple H’s friend but how can you just waste talent like Ziggler has?

      • Guest

        Same way you waste talent like Jack Swagger because you can.

    • Doodoo Brown

      Ryback vs. Hornswoggle = main event

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      WOW!!! The WWE Championship doesn’t get the final spot on the card! Stupid bookers!

      • Broski

        Super John Cena is the main event! So far all his non-title matches are the final spot.

    • Luke

      He did tonight

    • enigma

      ziggler suks christian or sin cara should’ve won, n he wont b able to cash in against shaemus who is also a great champion

    • Luke

      What are they

    • BB41286

      cENA WON fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck THAT

    • Ice

      Why Am I Not Surprised Superman won the WWE Title Money In The Bank

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        Why not Supeman in the making sHHHeamus.

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      Thank God I stopped watching the PPV after the WWE Title match! To hell with Cena! This marks the 3rd, predicatable, boring main event at a ppv in a row! I bet you anything at the next ppv, Punk and Bryan will finally main event on the final card, bryan wins it, and Cena will cash it in on Bryan and wins the title to end the show. To Hell with Cena, the bookers and the higherups thinking that Cena main eventing another boring prectable match.

    • 40 dawg

      So wwe wants people to pay fifty bucks for crap like this? For weeks sites have said cena’s punk a– was gonna win the mitb match. You would think they’d switch things up but nope gotta have the golden boy get the strap back,what a joke. But at least there is hope for smackdown, ziggler WILL be champ before the years up. Oh and it was nice to see natayla and kaitlyn. But if wwe wants more ppv buys they gotta stop being so predictable.

      • Guest

        By that logic they should have changed the CM Punk – Daniel Bryan match, to Daniel Bryan winning because I don’t know of too many people who thought Punk was losing to Bryan not with the way Bryan’s been getting in this whole feud.

        God fanboys love ignoring their own hypocrisy.

        • 40 dawg

          Actually behind the scenes creatiive has came close. A couple of times to put the strap on bryan. So the surprise would have been that creative finally pulled the trigger.

    • jerry disabled Vet.

      I hope john cena wins. Tonite!!!

    • http://facebook.com/HoustonTexansFanatic TexansFanatic

      Typical Vince McMahon: My company isn’t good unless John Cena is in the main event. I never thought that a non-title match would be the main event over a WWE title match! UNLESS the main event included John Cena (which it did). I know that if John Cena was the champion then the main event match would have been for the WWE title even though the ppv was called Money In The Bank. I HOPE John Cena makes history and is the 1st one to cash in and NOT capture the title

    • imran cena

      Yes yes yes cena won wooohooooo

    • The Miz

      as expected.. cena cashes it.. then we go for another brock vs cena. brock wins.. brock vs rock wm29

      i was kinda hoping y2j wins but that’s unlikely since he will be leaving wwe soon..

    • b-ri

      WHy the hell was PUNK AND BRYAN NOT THE MAIN EVENT THE STORY WAS BETTER THAN STUPID ASS CENA AND THERE COULD HAVE BEEN A CLIFF HANGER TOO BUT ONCE AGAIN WWE SUCKS CENAS SUPERBALLS from 84-2008 the wwe title was always the main event why stop now cuz of cena dissapointed with all the matches btw 2.5/5

      • Guest

        You know except for when they had the King Of The Ring as PPV where originally the champion never defended the title on PPV in the main event.

        • cm punk

          You are all wrong cena will silo took if you said it to his face lol

      • KenFromNY

        They should’ve given Ziggler and his win the main event slot. At least he had the most positive feedback

        • b-ri

          i would have liked too see that as well i dont understand their chronological order of matches anymore

    • Broski

      Lots of bad reaction here because of the ppv is very predictable and cena winning. Guys, if I may, please watch this coming TNA impact. I compared last week’s Raw and Impact wrestling and Impact wrestling is waaaayyyyy better than Raw because of Impact’s good quality wrestling matches. Last week’s Raw was just for kids because of that annoying AJ! Impact was awesome!

      Last week’s Impact is just like watching PPV because of the good matches. Even Bully Ray vs Joseph Parks (non-wrestler character), and Knockout matches delivered! You can really see that the wrestlers are working very hard to step up their game. If you haven’t done so, please watch last week’s Impact, it’s worth it.

      • Guest

        No one is watching TNA so don’t bother.

        • What

          TNA has actually been improving. They have a true world champion in Austin Aries.

          • Honey

            WWE Smackdown is more entertaining than TNA

        • Broski

          WWE is getting sooo boring now. Last week’s Raw was my turning point, so I tried to watch TNA last week for the first time and I was impressed of the high-quality matches. I was also critical of TNA in the past.

          • Th_Mssngr

            TNA’s biggest storyline at the moment is AJ Styles knocking up a homeless crack addict. Pass.

            • Yo

              So you’d rather watch WWE’s biggest storyline of John cena winning again in a match he shouldn’t have? So much for the future of pro wrestling.

            • Th_Mssngr

              You know what, you’re absolutely right. I can’t wait to tune into this week’s Impact and watch Hulk Hogan or Sting completely step over Austin Aries’ world championship win, because nobody in TNA ever overdoes anything or is overrated.

      • that dude

        thats like watching wrestlers train, impact will never be wwe infact they all dream of wrestling for vince. i personally know a handful of the impact roster (the ones who live in ft. wright ky) and they all agree wwe is where they all want to be. sorry to rain on your parade but wwe does what they do best, provide quality entertainment for KIDS AND FAMILY. heel the fuck o the attitude era is over and was made to bury wcw. if tna was really in their league they would bury them also.
        kids made wwe, it started as a kid friendly business and will end that way. wwe just went back to what works, the superhero show that is real, i mean that is what wrestling is.

    • Peter

      Think about it folks. Cena can be the first person to cash the brief case and NOT win.

      • Snob

        Pfff Cena Lose!? Well I nevveerr.

        • KenFromNY

          The only way Cena loses is to a prima donna like the Rock – no one else. It blew me away that even Brock was willing to job to Cena.

      • Guest

        Technically the first person to do it was Daniel Bryan who unsurprisingly got buried by CM Punk,

        • Jerichoholic

          Well that is wrong. Bryan never cashed in on Punk. He cashed in on The Big Show in late 2011 and won the WHC.

      • KenFromNY

        I wish to share your optimism, Peter… but didn’t this site have an article that he was meant to win at this year’s Night of Champions?

      • http://www.facebook.com/shinichikudo93 Shahrul Jasnizam Chasrodin

        Mr.Kennedy become first not cashing MITB contract in 2007 after win WrestleMania 23 MITB…..

    • I Am GoD

      hopefully cena uses the briefcase and do a heel turn

    • 808

      Wow to think this was the best pay per view a year ago, and now they come up with crap this year.. I mean I think everyone knew the outcome before the show started.. Looks like WWE kicked the bucket again.

    • black demon

      Cena is the modern day hulk hogan he can take a beating and come back and win the match,

    • wweisgettingboring

      why does the golden boy have to win every goddam time. and they r making a new cena in sheamus and that is getting annoying too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/carol.a.jones.3956 Carol Ann Jones

      Congraulations John Cena for winning the Money in the bank Ladder Match, You deseerve it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/shinichikudo93 Shahrul Jasnizam Chasrodin

        Maybe 11 time WWE Champion….
        Record holder in multiple champions.

    • http://www.facebook.com/shinichikudo93 Shahrul Jasnizam Chasrodin

      maybe 13 time world champion for John Cena…..

      same number like The Game,Triple H(also COO of WWE)….

    • momma here comes that man

      As long as my boy’s won I’m slick

    • anuroop

      im not surprised because i know he can do that
      cena rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Sofa

      EVERY SINGLE match result was expectable.
      ->sd mitb was okay, to let ziggler win was about dam time
      ->adr vs sheamus was lame, let adr do tonz of dmg to sheamus hand and we did not even see a try to his cross arm breaker. instead they let sheamus finisher after his usual signauter (most booring end ever)
      ->cm punk vs bryan, definetly the highlight, great match
      ->raw mitb, great to see miz back but y2j should have won

    • deathdaisy

      How to add John.c. to the AJ-Punk-Bryan-(prev)Kane storyline…they’ll figure it out :P
      anddd most of it was seriously predectible..good to know Miz isnt dead yet :P

      • deathdaisy

        wait, Wasnt Wade Barret supposed to be here or something?

    • kevin mcevoy

      way to go john cena the best person won the money in the bank match. also c.m. punk rules again the best one wins.

    • Captain Chaos

      Totally predictable WWE rubbish. Both MITB matches ended exactly as I expected, and as i’ve said before, MITB should stop. It’s absolute crap. Punk v Bryan would have been better if the powers that be had continued the MITB theme and stuck that irritating little twat AJ on a hook above the ring and the winner got to kick her fucking senseless, not that she’s got any sense anyway. Sheamus winning was exactly as expected, as was Kingston & Killings. I thought TNA is crap, but this was pointless drivel. Boring, Boring, Boring!!.

    • nikash

      cena s the best

    • Captain Chaos

      WWE has slid well down since the ATTITUDE era became the PG era. More than half the “talent” sucks. Idiots like Vicki and Ziggler, Del Rio, Swagger and so on and so forth, make it a laughing stock now. I mean, come on, Ziggler wouldn’t “do” Vicki with anyone elses, let alone his own, if he has one. The storylines are a joke now, not that they’ve ever been great. Maybe, for Summerslam, WWE should consider Big Show and Tensai getting fucked out of their heads on LSD, jerking themselves off using Hornswaggle, breaking into Titan Towers, arse raping a few board members, carving up Vicki G on a bacon slicer, as you do with fatty pigs, then Main Eventing with Brock Lesner as a 3 man tag team against Cena, Del Rio, and The Miz(take) in a “Vat of Sulphuric Acid on a pole match, where they all die horribly. Ok, maybe a vat of acid match is a tad extreme. Maybe just a run of the mill, weapons match, with last man alive being the winner. Oh, and a stipulation that the winner gets fired. Oh Hell Yeah!

    • Captain Chaos

      And obviously i’m not the only one, reading other comments, that thinks Vinnie Mac is trying to elevate Cena above and beyond what Hogan has ever been or done. Can’t the fucking clown see he’s already done that, ages ago. Stop creating these shit pay per views, stop the pathetic storylines, sack the lightweights, and either start again, or put someone in as CEO, who has a bit of an idea what the fans want, instead of just thinking, incorrectly, about the Benjamins.

    • aa

      I <3 John Cena HE ROCK

    • wwerules!!!!!!!!

      ACUALLY @broski aj is doin her job. i’d rather watch her than boring tna, i can barely watch 1 minute of it. as “storylines” go i give them a F. FOR MATCHES I GIVE THEM A B, CAUSE THEIR MATCHES ARE ALSO PERDICTIBLE. AND IN CREATIVITY I GIVE THEM AN F 1 WHAT WRESTLING COMPANY STARTS A HALL OF FAME IN 10 YEARS 2 if there so great why are people trying to leave and they arent even noticible if i asked someone who is crimson or aj styles they’ll be like who is that but if i asked who is kofi kingston or zack ryder they would have a higher posibility of knowing and dont say wwe is for kids it is more kid friendly but it still has non PG storylines plus don’t nobody want to here all that cursing and if they are better why does raw and smackdown beat them in ratings every week thats all i’m sayin!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jp

      i am very hppy about all the results of money in the bank

    • babile

      i love you

    • kareem

      i know that my hero is gng 2 win and h is gng 2 become a champ

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