Full WWE SmackDown *Spoilers* for 6/1/2012

Posted by Matt Boone May 30, 2012 2 Comments

- Thanks to Amy for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

Dark Match:

* Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Hawkins.

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* SmackDown opens up with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. He talks about No Way Out and Alberto Del Rio. David Otunga comes out and demands an apology for Sheamus running over John Laurinaitis two weeks ago. Sheamus refuses and out comes Del Rio. Otunga announces that Del Rio will be able to pick the opponent for Sheamus tonight. Otunga ends up laid out after a Brogue Kick and Del Rio flees the ring.

* Sin Cara returns with new red and white gear and new pyro. He defeats Heath Slater in a decent match with no botches.

* Hype for tonight’s WWE Title Match with Kane vs. CM Punk.

* Ezekiel Jackson comes out followed by Damien Sandow. Sandow cuts a promo and refuses to wrestle. He leaves but Zeke brings him back to the ring. Sandow ends up defeating Jackson with his neckbreaker finisher.

* Backstage segment with Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler wants to face Sheamus tonight and Del Rio picks him as the opponent.

* Ryback defeated two local wrestlers in another squash match.

* Vickie Guerrero comes out with Dolph Ziggler and cuts a promo on Sheamus.

* Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler after a Brogue Kick. Jack Swagger interfered but it backfired and allowed Sheamus to get the win.

* Zack Ryder and Santino Marella defeated Darren Young and Titus O’Neil in under 2 minutes. Big Show came out after the match and beat up Santino on the stage, throwing him into the set. Show went and beat up Ryder next. Show knocked Santino out with a knockout punch as the crowd bood.

* Daniel Bryan is backstage trying to convince AJ Lee that CM Punk is using her.

* Cody Rhodes defeated Tyson Kidd in a quick match. Christian was on commentary and they had words after the match.

* CM Punk and Kane went to a DQ when Daniel Bryan interfered. Bryan attacked them both until Kane came back with a double chokeslam. John Laurinaitis interrupted things and announced a three-way for No Way Out for the WWE Title. AJ ended up in the ring with Bryan and Punk. She left by herself and Bryan slapped Punk. Punk closed the show with a GTS on Bryan.

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    • Tigre

      Kane is in a storyline only to put over Punk and Bryan which is a waste of his time and skills why put the mask on him to see him use the wrong way as long as he has been in the WWE he has only had 2 tiltle reign as world champion and wwe when other wrestlers who been in the company a short time has more title reigns than him and Christian!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/WolfLink22 Matt Rayfield

      Well because wwe and vince don’t think that kane and christain look good with wwe titles. Why else did we see christain go to tna when he did? easy so he could prove to himself and to vince that he could do it.

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