Original Nash-Punk Plans, Lawler Told To Lay Off Vickie, More

Source: Wrestling Observer, PWInsider

— The decision to put CM Punk vs. Triple H on Night of Champions was actually made over the weekend. The match had been penciled in for the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

There’s still no official word yet on what is keeping Kevin Nash from working a full-fledged match but most feel that it will be resolved soon.

The Nash vs. Punk feud was going to lead into the Punk vs. Triple H match but now the plan is to do Triple H vs. Punk first and then Nash vs. Punk. Original plans had Nash putting Punk over.

— Jerry Lawler has apparently been told by WWE management to lay off Vickie Guerrero when it comes to making jokes about her weight on RAW.

— The RAW brand is headed to Puerto Rico for a min-tour. Officials are hoping that WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio will have his visa issues worked out in Mexico and be able to join them on this week’s events.