Outcome of Edge’s Surgery, Tuesday’s SmackDown Rating

Posted by Matt Boone November 9, 2012 13 Comments

- WWE Super Smackdown on Tuesday, November 6 scored a dismal 1.52 rating on Election Night. This was down four-tenths of a rating from where Smackdown was the past month on Friday nights.

- Former WWE wrestler Edge commented on his surgery that took place earlier today.

“Btw I don’t know how anyone else could ‘report’ it, but surgery went well #guessoneofmyfriendsisastoogelol.”

As noted earlier, Edge stated on Twitter that there is still not a chance he could wrestle again according to doctors.

  • Jerry Lawler

    Heart Attacks are so fun!!!

    • Randy Savage


      • Owen Hart

        Don’t forget falling 70ft that was so fun

        • Chris Benoit

          And killing your family

          • Bret Hart

            …and getting screwed.

          • Kurt Angle

            So is getting…a broken freaking neck!

  • pimpkid

    I love to suck my dads syphilis infected cock and have my old 100 year old grandpa cum in my smelly infected pussy

  • HollyWood Hogan

    I was offered to take drugs… I turned it down Brotha! Wait is steroids and weed drugs?

  • Kurt Angle

    I could take drugs, drink drive and bash my wife…. With A Broken Freaking Neck!

    • Scott Hall

      I don’t need a broken neck to drink and drive

  • Undertaker316

    edge will wrestle again that’s what they said about stone cold but stone cold could possibly wrestle in 2013 or 2014

    • Troll


    • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.williams.509994 Nicholas Williams

      I dont want to see either wrestle again… They both had great careers and there over now.

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