Paul Heyman Comments on Dixie Carter’s Crossover Event Idea

Posted by Matt Boone June 14, 2013 17 Comments

Paul Heyman was recently interviewed by Digital Spy. Here are some highlights.

What fans can expect from CM Punk this Sunday in his match with Chris Jericho: “”You can expect to see CM Punk do what CM Punk does on a daily basis in his career, which is demonstrate to the WWE Universe that he is worthy of the distinction of being the best in the world.”

Dixie Carter recently saying that she would do a WWE / TNA crossover event: “I’m sure that Dixie Carter would love to do a WWE versus TNA pay-per-view. Why wouldn’t she? A friend of mine who has way too much time on his hands just started a new beverage company here in the United States. It’s called Shmuley’s Soda Company and he’s now distributed in three stores in the Bronx and two in Brooklyn.

“He would like to do a global promotion with Coca-Cola. I don’t suggest that Coca-Cola would be profitable having to do a global co-promotion with Shmuley’s Soda Company. In the same way it would make no sense for WWE with 95% global share to do an event with TNA with its 5% global market share!”

His ideal WrestleMania 30 main event: “I have a very standard answer for that because it’s the most genuine answer I can give someone. I think the main event for WrestleMania 30 should be a battle for the WWE Championship against the World Heavyweight Championship, to unify the titles.

“And that match should feature Brock Lesnar versus CM Punk, with Paul Heyman advising both men and therefore getting a percentage of the profits of both sides of the main event at WrestleMania.”

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    • GN-0015

      Lesnar vs Punk with the special ref Curtis Axel counting out both of them to troll us all. Epic.


      Im thinking they should do that, but have somebody win the royal rumble and decide to be involved in a triple threat match. Tie in everything from the point WWE picked back up by putting the strap on punk all the way up to the recent controversy between Vince and Triple H and make it Paul Heyman guys VS Vince McMahon guys. Make it crazy, and a war, and a true conspiracy. Shield, Lesnar, Punk, Cena, Rock, Triple H, Axel, Vickie, Brad, Stephanie, and maybe even the undertaker.. Tie them all together and make Heyman an evil underminer of the company

    • hail sabin

      This is coming from the guy who ran himself out of business. TNA is doing just fine, they’ve been around for 11 years and they’re gonna be around for 11 more. Paul Heyman how long was ECW around? Oh thats right, 7 years. Get a clue!

      • hmw

        TNA what?

        • trollo derpo

          TNA SUCKS

          • hmw

            hell yeah. TNA is a bull crap

            • Mikey Batts

              WWE fans really?! I mean you can’t possibly be that stupid, or can you? TNA is a hell of alot better which is sad, WWE should be the best with what they got but nope not the best. They’re not even close. Atleast TNA trys and there wrestlers can deliver in the ring. You wwe guys make me laugh.

      • TexansFanatic

        yeah cause Dixie’s daddy helps her out along with Spike!

        • Mikey Batts

          Oh yeah and WWE is so much better. Oh there’s Daniel Bryans going heel next month? Ohh how shocking. Cena is gonna be champion and beat all odds how shocking. WWE is half of the company it use to be. Go back and watch RAW or Smackdown! or Heat for that matter from 2002 and tell me how far WWE has come since then. It went from 5.0-6.0 ratings to 3.0. Im not saying TNA is the best company in history, they even piss me off sometimes but with WWE finances they shouldn’t be half-assing anything. They should give the fans wrestling but even Vince said it himself, “wwe isn’t a wrestling company.”

          • C.O.T.T

            Oh I do agree with you about the part of wwe could do more, could be 10x better. But here’s the thing, they don’t have to be, and what’s more they know they don’t have to be. You want to talk ratings? When did TNA ever have those ratings? Ever? No, that’s right and they won’t ever have them. TNA has alot of talent, but its tv is crude, its not refined. I’m not saying Dixie shouldn’t be proud of what she has done, but short of cena, Bryan and punk walking into the impact zone, there is nothing TNA can do to reach wwe’s level. Vince knows he doesn’t have to fight as hard as he did in wartime, raw stopped being war long ago. He won, bottom line. TNA is not WcW, TNA has not earned a war. TNA has some good wrestlers, and I belive Angle is the best in the world despite the other 2 who claim it. Just like everyone says tho, the machine (wwe) as it is called, doesn’t stop. Unless you put a big enough obstacle in its path (wcw almost) to make it stop, even then its questionable. TNA is just a pebble, and that doesn’t effect much.

            • Mikey Batts

              Okay maybe TNA hasn’t had those kind of ratings but they haven’t gone down by 3 points either. They haven’t sold out either. Don’t argue pro wrestling with me, i’ve been watching it for 20 years and have studied at All Pro Wrestling. Wrestling is my life. You are so wrong about TNA.

            • TheDude

              The only reason there was a war is because Hogan jumped ship and other talent followed. That is why Vince is all over Cena staying on top, even when he isn’t holding the title, he still main events. McMahon is paranoid of him going to TNA (which would never happen). WCW had Ted Turner and the new cable channel TBS. TNA is years too late to compete now. It has potential and could be a great program once they get the green out but they will always be the number two show. Its CFL vs the NFL

          • TexansFanatic

            oh I agree but why would the NBA do something with the NBDL? or why would the NFL do something with the CFL? It wouldn’t make sense. I do believe that Vince should just get that tingling feeling and make RAW & SmackDown! a better product to increase ratings and make some real buzz like they had with CM Punk “leaving” for like 2 weeks. I’d rather see Vince work with ROH than TNA to be honest.

            • TheDude

              ROH is where all the real talent is coming from. It’s like ECW back in the 90s.

            • TexansFanatic

              oh I know.

      • TheDude

        Lol, I recently just canceled my weekly DVR recording of TNA because it was taking up too much space… I stopped watching. Paul Heyman was not a good promoter, nothing about this is new. His eye for talent and ability to help them find the spark is unparalleled. The likes of Austin, CM Punk, Mick Foley, Rey Mysterio, RVD, and Ravishing Rick Rude could attest to that. TNA is not just fine, it’s the place where washed up WWE stars go to hit rock bottom.

    • pajman sarafzadeh

      so for wrestlemania 30, a copy of rvd vs sabu, which would make paul e equal to fonzie.

      I can live with that, just as long as paul E has a whistle

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