Photo: Daniel Bryan’s New WWE Championship Belts

Posted by Brad Davis April 8, 2014 7 Comments

WWE posted the following image on Instagram of Daniel Bryan’s new WWE Championship and World Heavyweight championship belts.

The WWE Championship belt features Daniel Bryan’s “Yes Yes Yes” logo on the sideplates. The World Heavyweight title has Bryan’s name on it.

Bryan appeared on Monday’s RAW with both belts, so it appears the WWE World Heavyweight chmpaion with carry both titles for now.

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    • charley ramirez

      Finally The Shield did something right.

      • NoCojonesCahone2

        what do you expect?!
        they already turned as face characters when they beat up Kane.
        what an idiot.

    • Bulkster

      My Bulkster logo would look great on the WWE title strap. I wish I knew where to get a master series belt from besides ebay

      • bulkster wish he was a man

        haha your a tool if you think your logo is cool. what are you like ten you sound like a person who think he something great

        • Bulkster

          I don’t think I’m something great junior, I KNOW I AM! Bask in my greatness and shut your hole.

          • bulkster wish he was a man

            lol your a joke you have to steal hulk Hogan hulkster good thing im wear boot because it get deep in your sh*t here now

            • Bulkster

              Its you’re a joke, not your a joke. But I have a joke:

              Knock knock
              Whose there?
              Your mom for her daily dose of man yogurt!

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