Photo: Hulk Hogan At The WWE Performance Center

Posted by Brad Davis February 21, 2014 22 Comments

*SPOILER* Hulk Hogan’s WWE TV Return Date Revealed

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan was at the WWE Performance Center this week:


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    • JayRoz1982

      If Hogan is not medically cleared to wrestle as has been reported by many a wrestling gossip/news sites, then why exactly is he all ring geared up at the WWE performance centre? Just a thought. I mean, if he’s just visiting then why suit up for action?

      • Derp

        Because that’s his character, and that’s what they do to stay in character…regardless of whether or not they’re wrestling.

        Why wouldn’t Hulk Hogan dress like Hulk Hogan?

        • JayRoz1982

          Oh I don’t know, maybe because it’s just the performance centre….and he’s not even been back on wwe tv yet. Perhaps I’m curious because in most pictures of Terry (is that better that I refer to him by his real first name so as not to confuse people with his character?) when he’s not wrestling he’s in jeans and either a sparkly shirt or a tight shirt and a bandana with shades…so I found it interesting that while pictured with a few other contracted employees of the wwe who are not active wrestlers ie. Bill DeMott and Norman Smiley there, he is the only one dressed to compete…which made me wonder if he was training….which would go against what was previously reported. You don’t train in company rings if the doctors won’t even clear you to take a single bump. Did that clear up my curiosity there smart ass?

          • David

            Looks like it’s someone’s time of the month….

            • JayRoz1982

              Nah, just don’t understand why people can’t read a comment for what it says instead of taking a piece of it and trying to be smart with it. I originally commented on how peculiar I found it that a guy who supposedly isn’t clear to to do anything physical would be dressed for in ring action at a training facility. I mean wearing a red and yellow bandana with a hulkamania tshirt and jeans is still being in character…just saying. If someone’s going to call me out on my points I’m not afraid to call them on theirs or the fact that I think they are just being a smart ass. Now let’s be done with this and each agree that opinions are free for everyone to have. And if anyone is offended that I called someone a smart ass I apologize for it.

            • Derp

              What the hell are you even talking about? Talk about a sensitive Nancy if you got all butthurt at my comment that had no sarcastic undertones to it. Go back to bed, shit.

            • Elephant in the room

              He should go to bed and sleep till noon like you?

            • JayRoz1982

              So, a smart ass, clearly not able to follow conversation, and a homophobe… Great combination there. Not sure if the ambiguous name of Derp applies to male or female in this case, but clearly my answering your question of “Why wouldn’t Hulk Hogan dress like Hulk Hogan?” Was faux pas in this case. Perhaps undertones and rhetorical questions are not easy to deduce via text on a screen and therefore my reply was and is still valid regardless of your ability to or inability to understand my meaning.

            • Jerry Springer

              Come solve your problems on my show!

            • Derp

              Not my fault you can’t connect the dots as to why Hulk would be in his usual garb. So you’re the stupid one.

            • Derp

              I changed my mind. I agree that I’m stupid.

            • JayRoz1982

              Asking a question regarding why someone would be wearing their ring gear when they aren’t expected to be in a ring isn’t stupid… it’s common curiosity. However, making comments like “…can’t connect the dots as to why Hulk Hogan would be in his usual garb…” Now that is pretty dull. I mean, can you tell me with 100% certainty why Hulk Hogan was dressed up in not just red and yellow, not just a hulkamania shirt, but his whole active ring gear including pads and everything for a photo op with the trainers and staff of the Performance Centre? I don’t think you or I, or anyone on this site as a fact can answer that. So in the interest of connecting the dots, I don’t think you’re any better off than I am. And to be fair, you started all this with your attitude of correct assertion with your first comment. I simply asked an open question to stimulate discussion, and when I fired back at you with a challenge to your statement you got all silly about it. And yes, I know I am playing along…I like to antagonize people sometimes. I also enjoy really good conversation and debate over the facts and hypotheses of various topics…wrestling being one of them. That being said, I hope you can forgive my targeting you in all this.

            • Elephant in the room

              Maybe David and Derp should get a room.

      • Bertaut

        I’ve been wondering that myself. I mean, we heard all these reports about how Hogan was training like mad and how he was in the best shape in years, and then all of a sudden we start hearing rumours about how he won’t be cleared by WWE doctors. I’ll be very very very surprised if Hogan doesn’t get physically involved in some way, shape or form at Mania. Maybe not a full match, but he’ll definitely be Hulkin’ up and hitting the big boot etc. Hell, I’m pretty much only buying the show because he’s on it.

      • Paul Kacera

        Maybe he wasn’t doing wrestling workouts but still lifting weights and such. Maybe in the future on WWE programming we see videos of Hogan working out for promotional purposes as well. I also agree with a lot of others on here, WWE is big on staying in character. Could be for a number of reason.

        • JayRoz1982

          That’s a very good point. I like your point…he could very well be there for promotional imagery or video. And working out would make sense too as it is a gym available to all WWE personnel. Thanks for opening discussion on this topic. I agree that the WWE used to be very large on people staying in character, but they also mostly have a dress code outside of being on screen. So who knows…maybe we’ll know more soon. I just thought it was cool that he was there, and clearly dressed to be seen. And I was more poking fun at the internet reporters who make claims of absolute fact when really no one knows what’s happening except for the people directly involved. Oh and Derp…I was totally making fun of Derp.

    • Bulkster

      I almost fainted like a little girl at a Bieber concert.

      • I can’t believe it

        Bulkster has a crush on Hulk Hogan! Do you like Hulky’s big cock?

        • Bulkster

          I’m not Darren Young.

    • Elephant in the room

      Derp and Dave are not very bright. You can’t fix stupid.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny could care less about the Chumpster. Chump Hogan looks as ridiculous in red & yellow as the Ultimate Warrior looks with makeup & short hair.

    • :D

      Norman Smiley!!!!!

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