Photo: John Cena’s New Ring Gear He Will Be Debuting Tonight

Posted by Matt Boone November 18, 2012 5 Comments

- As noted before, John Cena will be debuting a new t-shirt at tonight’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. It’s already available for purchase on

Here’s a photo:

  • shane-o-mac

    I get it kow. Never give up,as in wwe will never give up selling cena fans the same kind of t shirts. Maybe different colors and this one has a cena image on the front. But basically it’s always the same lame ass sh-t. How many colors of a shirt do you need that say the same thing? Maybe instead of firing wrestlers wwe should fire ALL the creative personel for tv and merch.

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Please show me the gun to your head forcing you to buy it.

    • shane-o-mac’s-daddy

      Yeah where is the gun forcing you to buy it you gay son-of-a-bit*h And Save_Us.Y2K You are a legend mate :)

    • nomi

      we’ll buy this shirt because we love cena……..shut the fuck up you dumb ass.

      • shane-o-mac

        Wow these cena fans need to grow up. I didn’t even say anything about cena, it was directed at wwe not coming up with any new stuff for cena merch and these idiots attack me like I insulted one of their famiily members or something. So since I got attacked for nothing how about this. I bet you all think cena never uses/used steroids and some how it was cena”s wifes fault cena cheated on her. You all are the definition of a mark. Oh and why should any of you care if cena merch is different or not, you ain’t the ones wasting money on the same thing, your parents are.

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