Photo: Kharma Has Lost A Ton Of Weight

Posted by Brad Davis October 30, 2013 19 Comments

Former WWE Diva Kharma tweeted the following photo on Wednesday, revealing that she’s lost a ton of weight since we last saw her on television:

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    • Aj Storm

      Still ugly and a nice rack!

      • Lucas Tupper

        I don’t think she’s what they call a butterface.

    • Lynn Gordon

      hell yea do ya thang…. sorry for your loss though <3

    • charley ramirez

      Got Dang Gurl! You look nothing like the psychopath that used to be on Raw and TNA.

    • Lorenzo Canada Jr

      people have to put others down to make themselves feel better she looks good stop hating haters

    • The A-Team

      wow….she looks a lot better…. nice boobs, but besdies that she looks happy and ejoying life

      • the bling Man

        Yeah those boobs all squeezed up man very nice

    • Ernest

      Looking Good Y’all Is Looking Very Very Good

    • Troy Bennett

      and now wwe wont take her back bc she scares john cenas fans thats why theres no real monsters like the old school kane and taker u guys have to remember next time u think about a heel or a monster idea if it will scare john cenas fans (3-11yr olds) wwe WILL NOT do that

      • troll

        add some punctuation.

      • Guest

        Your logic is dumb as hell. But given how your post screams “attitude era” mark I’m not surprised.

    • xxdayoffatexx

      Holy shit! she looks fantastic!

    • LBlock18

      I thought she looked good when she was BBW now she’s just thick damn I want her to have my babies

    • troll

      I also lost a lot of weight. u can see how happy I am

    • D

      Now she’s the perfect size to job out to AJ and the Bellas every other week on RAW. Because that’s how the WWE rolls.

      • Guest

        No WWE rolls by giving AJ the title and having her job to everything but the kitchen sink.

    • joker77

      Wow Shes Looks Freakening AWSOME!!!!!!!!! im Speechless now shes a Diva A Hott
      Diva at That!

    • Wrestlingfanatic

      She looks amazing
      Good for her getting healthy and returning better then ever

    • Ralph Anderson

      Kia, you look amazingly awesome.. Underneath the warrior princess who was already a beautiful woman, I always knew there was a thinner, and even more seductive woman.. My question now is, did you start this transformation before or after Freightrain lost his 150+ pounds?? Love ya hun..

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