PHOTO: New TNA Faction “The Menagerie” Revealed

Posted by Matt Boone May 2, 2014 10 Comments

Below is a photo of the new TNA faction, “The Menagerie.”

For those who missed it, here are details on the group from a report we put up yesterday.

Rebel will apparently play the role of his sister. She is the woman we have seen in recent vignettes with Knux on the various TNA programs. She was reportedly pitched to TNA as a potential talent by Christy Hemme.

The masked muscle-man of the group will be portrayed by former TNA Global Champion Rob Terry.

Crazy Steve will be played by Canadian independent wrestler Steve “Crazzy Steve” Scott. He has appeared on a TNA Gut Check segment in the past.

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    • mike

      Wyatt Family rip off?

      • Ryan Allen Shadman

        No, these are carnies, whereas the Wyatts are not.

      • Troll

        Unless the Wyatts were a part of a carnival, then no. Speaking of the Wyatts, I think they’re a Raven’s Flock rip off. Just saying.

        • Nathan Shane Long

          Wyatt Family= Backwoods cult/Manson family ripoff
          Raven’s flock = Anti-social grudge misfits of society

      • Jason C

        I see a discount Bray, but not a discount Rowan or Harper.

        • Ryan Allen Shadman

          Considering Mike Knox has been in the business longer than Bray…

          • JayRoz

            And had a beard longer…

    • Mr. X

      Ahhh recycling Rob Terry again I see… You know cuz he’s such a fucking talent they just can’t picture TNA without him.

    • yoyo

      Is Willow going to join them?

    • Guest348575494576584

      Which one is Golga? Which one is Luna Vachon?
      Whats that? This isn’t an old photo of the Oddities?
      My mistake, Ill see myself out.

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