Photo: Stephanie Pissed Brie Bella Quit WWE

Posted by Brad Davis June 2, 2014 55 Comments

At WWE Payback, Daniel Bryan refused to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight championship. When Stephanie was about to fire his wife Brie Bella, she said Stephanie can’t fire her – because she quits. She then slapped Stephanie across the face as the crowd erupted in a loud “YES!” chant. Stephanie held her face in shock and exited the ring. As she was running to the back, it looked like the back of her dress was wet. Maybe it was a shadow, or maybe she was just really PISSED off that Brie quit.

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    • G.I.R.L.

      That isn’t a shadow!

      • Triple H’s Shovel

        She had different material or a patch on that part of the dress. It’s the lighting that is make it darker than the rest of the dress.

        • ChildOfWyatt

          Exactly – she has a zipper down the back of her dress. This article makes it sound like the author didn’t watch the PPV

          • Dan Pedreyra

            Who cares..and they probably watched and thats all they got. ugh.

      • Guest

        Clearly a shadow u can see the bottom of it on her left hamstring I bet a moron wrote this article

      • obi wan

        It’s a space station.

    • Reality

      Oh Jee! Replay replay replay!

    • QuiteFrankly2k


    • Scott Kinnard

      I guess Brie really slapped the piss out of Steph. Best part of the PPV. Pretty sad when a guy not even competing still gets the biggest pop of the night.

      • Will $teel

        bullshit. did u even watch the shield vs evolution match?

      • G.I.R.L.

        Stone Cold used to get insane pops on nights when he wouldn’t wrestle back in the day.

    • essinodub

      If she pissed herself, I don’t think that the stain would look like that

      • Kelly Prebish

        monthly cycle came early?

    • Kenny Wood

      Either it was intentanal to sell what just happened (remember McMan did the same thing once) or she’s pregnant again and this really was an accident. Still funny witch ever ot was.

      • Professor Sandow


      • Katherine

        If she is and I’m not saying she is pregnant but how kids is she going to pop out? damn lol

    • kilo

      Mcmahon 3:16 says i just pissed my pants

      • pwnez

        I think I just…PISSED MY PANTS!

        • BrightSkin Brother

          back in the day when spongebob was the S H I T

      • GN-0015

        Her hubby did the same not too long ago, now it’s her turn.

    • WooWooWoo

      That’s kinda hot

    • Dave Scruggs

      #1..It’s not piss, it’s to high up, it would have ran down her leg, not up her dress.’s not a shadow, look at the shadow on the side of her dress from her arm. #3..She didn’t sit in water, and no one noticed. #4..It’s sweat running down her back to her crack. I’ve seen the very same thing on RVD during matches many of times. It’s hot in that ring with all the lights shinning down on you. So it’s just sweat.

      • Seven Stych

        If indeed it’s sweat it be all along her back and youd see the pperspiration follow it down to that area. Plain and simple Duse she pissed herself no need to justify it for her she did it! Natalia even said at one point in time she did herself and was caught off guard by it. Piss happens and there is the proof .Either that her butt was watering .

        • Dave Scruggs

          Dude I don’t know if your married or not. But a woman’s spine does not touch the dress. Sweat can trickle down the spine and into the top of the crack. Where it shows up at on the dress, at the top of her crack. This has happened to my wife, and no she didn’t piss herself. Now I’m not sure if you have a woman in your life, but a woman can NOT piss upward, unless she’s laying on her back. Another words, the wet spot is higher than the piss hole. It would be more believable if they said she shit herself from Brie’s slap to the face. Or it was just a wet nasty fart. But hey, she is getting up there in age and maybe she needs some Depends. Just a thought.

          • Fatsy LeShaft

            We’ve all had your wife,jackass!

            • Dave Scruggs

              Let’s see, I make a comment over a month ago, and it takes you a month to come up with such a lame ass comment. You must be so proud of yourself. Let me know when you finally graduate into the third grade.
              Have a nice day.

    • Quicktime

      It’s a shadow if you look close there’s a strip running down her dress and it’s a smoother texture so it’s a shadow.

    • Guest

      Def a shadow u can see the bottom of the shadow on her left hamstring what a retarted story

    • Rob Houston


    • hmw


    • Buzzard Follower Steph must have been Pissed when bella made her Point and Perhaps let loose the floodgates

    • erod06

      No, its a shadow. On video its disappears and comes back again. This article is so stupid. Plus look at how many lights are hitting her from all angles making multiple shadows of her on the ground.

    • Black Berry

      she just cummed

      • Pozessed

        There HAD to be one guy, didn’t there?

    • llllNinjastarllll

      More like pissed out of her ass

    • Dixie Carter

      Dirty woman. She has no class. Just like her old man pissing himself in the ring before. Hopefully PayBack The StockHolders…is gonna happen

      • G.I.R.L.

        Lovely comment, Ms. Carter.

      • Jeremy Mixell

        This is why TNA sucks. You are too worried about what WWE is doing. TNA is like a watered down WCW.

    • Guest

      Regardless of it is I still want to tweet the hell out of this pic ha ha

    • Katherine

      Regardless of what it really is I still want to tweet the hell out of it ha ha

    • BrightSkin Brother

      Most likely just a shadow…she would have been out of there if it was pee.

    • Marvin B.

      Sigh, not my proudest boner…

    • UnderDeanAmbrose’sSpell


    • Progressed_Now

      no she didn’t you morons. it’s the reflective fabric.

    • Black Adam

      I just pissed my pants

    • Hell Yeah

      Mchahon 3:16 said i just pissed my pants

    • essinodub

      I watched this back and NO… she did not it just the light reflecting off that part of her dress… it zips all the way up in the back… you people are IDIOTS

    • raven

      hey after having a few kids the womans body doesn’t hold up like it used to.

    • Guest

      I didn’t know you could pee out your ass…smh I hate Marks.

    • Norman Involved

      I didn’t know you could pee out your ass…and even if it is pee, I would like a shot to change her underwear.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says it was hot & humid last; maybe Stephanie had a sweaty ass? She might have forgot her Poise?

    • tony

      there’s a line that goes up the dress, you’ll notice the front does the same effect when she’s walking to the ring. its the material of the dress

    • Tazz

      If she did indeed piss herself. she wouldn’t be the first. Natayla did (as seen on Total Divas) and John Cena (well his pants became like him…full of crap)

    • Djsol

      Theres a strip that goes all the way down her back that is of a different material, and the way it curves under her butt makes it look like a different color.

    • lolhunter

      wet fart

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