Photo: TNA Live Event From A (Half Empty) High School Gym

Posted by Michael Bluth January 13, 2014 18 Comments

Check out this photo from Friday night’s TNA’s live event from Bristol, Tennessee (Results).


  • Jimmy Struthers

    Does anyone know what the card was for this particular show? It’d be interesting to hear what wrestlers had to hang their head in shame and get demoralized over this

    • MikeP

      Sting, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, BroMans, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Abyss, Gunner, James Storm were there. There were between 500 to 600 there regardless of what anyone says. I was there and there’s no way there were more than that there. Pretty pitiful that even Sting can’t draw more than that. Just goes to show how dead TNA is now!!

      • LeoSlayer

        500-600 people REALLY??!!

  • Kyle Alford

    That’s bull, they sold out in McMinnville. I was there.

  • JoseOnAStick
    • Jimmy Struthers

      Thanks for providing the card. I am blown away! The following wrestlers performed at a half-full, high school gym: Sting, Somoa Joe, Bully Ray, Magnus, Gail Kim, Austin Aries, etc. Can’t believe for the first match, the opening wrestler made his entrance from the merchandise table!!!

      • duh

        Sting performing in a half empty high school gym is beyond pathetic. man doesnt even really need the money at this point. he should have gone to WWe 5-6 years ago at least

  • Derp

    Have they really fallen this far? lol…

  • bleek


  • MegaCompactDisk .

    They really need to move back to the Impact Zone or find an offer in Vegas.

  • D

    Dixie, just make Vince an offer. He’s a reasonable man. Do what’s best for business and let TNA die already. Those that are worthwhile will go on to the WWE midcard. Those that aren’t will return to their shitholes in the indies.

    • indie wrestling 4 life

      and look what happen with wcw! now shut the fuck up!! and wish you grew up in the 90′s!!

      • hick

        I even grew up in the 80ies. This has nothing to do with WCW, besides that everything in the WCW except for Goldberg and the Cruiserweights was bullshit. I don’t think Vince would waste a single dollar on TNA. Who would they be interested in? Their AJ is a girl & WWE already gave styles a knock-back. TNA hasn’t got any drug policy, so nobody know show many if those guys are on painkillers or whatever. Angle, Hardy – here you got the no.1 picks for guys with drug issues. Sting? That chance went 5 years ago, the guy is 55 now. Madison Rayne would be a nice opponent AJ Lee, but that’s it. All the rest is either too old, has already been turned down by the WWE
        several times or isn’t any better than their mid- undercard- and
        NXT-talent. I don’t hate TNA, I rather see them as a tragedy. They were on a good course, then they put a couple of idiots with megalomania in charge that ran the company into the garbage dump it is right now.

  • Ziggler sells better than TNA

    TNA should stick with being a territory wrestling company because thats what they are and aren’t ready for anything more.

  • Shockmaster

    I wish they’d stop (obviously) employing extras to sit in the front row and boo the heels and cheer the faces. That and the all-so-overused “fake crowd sound bytes”.

  • Vitorio

    Impact Live events were way more entertaining than WWE’s until Bryan @ Cesaro started touring. Young Bucks, Moror City Machine Guns, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Magnus, Nigel & Joe were 200% better live while WWE live worse than Raw.

  • Vitorio

    But still best Tag Team in Kazarian & Daniels, best Women’s Champ in Gail Kim. If you have Samoa Joe, Aries, Sabin & Ion performing; still well worth $40

  • JT

    If this is true that’s a sad number but I live in Vegas and the crowd was large there so it doesn’t say a lot to me about TNAs status as a whole.

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