PHOTO: WWE Allowing Prince Devitt To Keep His Signature Body Paint?

Posted by Matt Boone August 23, 2014 7 Comments

Since signing with WWE, many fans have questioned whether or not WWE would allow Prince Devitt to continue using his signature body paint in NXT and on the main WWE roster.

On Friday, fellow NXT rookie Kevin Steen posted the following photo via social media, which shows himself with Devitt, who has his signature face and body paint on as usual.

While many have speculated that Steen and Devitt may become a tag-team combination in WWE’s developmental system, one thing the photo does show is that Devitt, for now at least, is still allowed to wear his normal face and body paint in WWE.

Below is the aforementioned Steen and Devitt photo.

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    • Kwang’s Green Mist

      The Punisher and a fat guy!

      • CenaSucks

        Both still have more talent than Cena.

        • Guest

          Which means they’ll get buried :S

    • CM PUNK

      Jeff Hardy called kid! He wants his crayola markers back!!

      • George Costanza

        Oh yeah? Well the jerk store called, they’re running out of you!!!

        • CM PUNK

          Your elementary school called they need you back in class

    • Matt Rayfield

      Why would they not allow him to wear it? The USOs have facepaint a bit and Sting will wear his facepaint when he finally signs too.

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