Photo: WWE Announces New World Champion Alberto Del Rio

Posted by Matt Boone January 9, 2013 9 Comments

- WWE announced the following tonight:

ADR Wins

MIAMI — With the crowning of a new World Heavyweight Champion, the Jan. 8, 2013, episode of SmackDown cemented its place in blue brand history just one week before its landmark 700th episode.

On the same night The Rock made his eagerly anticipated return to Friday night’s best show, Alberto Del Rio seized the spotlight and defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match to claim the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Mexican Aristocrat heroically battled The World’s Largest Athlete in an absolutely brutal showdown, literally taking The World’s Largest Athlete to his limit en route to an historic victory.

Del Rio’s title triumph stands as his first World Heavyweight Championship and his third World Title overall. His victory also shows, once again, that anything can happen on SmackDown at any time!

See how it t went down and witness the return of The Rock to the blue brand, this Friday at 8/7 CT only on SmackDown on Syfy.

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    • catsrulz

      Good for him

    • johnas

      Couldn’t you add spoiler in the title?

      • catsrulz

        Didn’t you see the “WWE Announces New World Champion Alberto Del Rio” if that’s not a spoiler alert I don’t know what is

        • Minotaur

          “WWE Announces New World Champion Alberto Del Rio” is not a spoiler alert, it’s a spoiler – it already gives away what a “spoiler alert” would warn you about.

      • mrchopper

        “SPOILER: WWE Announces New World Champion Alberto Del Rio”

    • jason todd

      this is a joke for them to spoil the result of the main event so that smackdown can get more viewers for this friday. the show died when it got moved to friday in the first place. del rio deserves this tho

      • iNexus

        Uhm really? A couple years ago SmackDown was getting rave reviews when Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Undertaker, HHH and Edge were the stars of the show. Moving to Fridays is the best thing that happened to the show.

    • Derp

      When was the last time a title changed hands at a RAW or Smackdown show? Seems like the title in TNA gets tossed around more than AIDS does.

    • Big Dick Ziggy

      Lines up for Big Show to feud with Del Rio and Zigler to cash in.

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