Photos: Empty Arena At TNA Bound For Glory 2013

Posted by Brad Davis October 21, 2013 57 Comments

Check out these photos of the crowd (or lack thereof) at the Viejas Arena in San Diego, California for last night’s TNABound For Glory pay-per-view (Full Results).

The Viejas Arena holds up to 13,00 fans, but it’s clear TNA didn’t sell anywhere near half that amount of tickets.

The first image in particular, which shows Bully Ray walking to the ring for the main event of TNA’s biggest event of the year, is a disturbing look at the state of the company’s drawing power:

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    • L.M.

      Crickets anyone…anybody? Hellooo….yeah that’s TNA for you!

      • Crickets

        Yes, I am present

    • A_T_D_C

      This is what happens when you market your product in the south. This is also what happens when your product stinks. It is uninteresting and redundant with no imagination or talent. They need to sell TNA or “someone” needs to bring ROH to the national stage. Biker gangs and constantly repackaging the nWo in hopes you can catch lightning in a bottle a decade plus later is pathetic. Bully Ray is still a Dudley….he s a great talent but c’mon…….C’MON…the arena was empty. WOW…just…

      • Thomas Hacherson

        ROH is on the National Stage.. .they are owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group… a company thats traded on Wall Street, while TNA’s owners Panda Energy is not

    • Nixon

      now this is a failure of a PPV.
      i doubt this will happen on a WWE PPV.

      • hmw

        never :p

      • Reagan

        It happens every week on WWE & TNA you dumbass!

        The camera side is always like this. Haven’t you ever noticed on Raw and Smackdown how they only show the floor crowd of the ‘camera side’?

        Fucking sheep.

        • Nick Manning

          You are comparing their version of Wrestlemania to a smackdown taping in midwest. Fucking Mark.

        • Braden

          Oh calm down. Don’t get your panties in a bunch just because someone mentioned how pathetic it is that TNA can’t even get a decent crowd for their biggest ppv of the year.

    • NYGirl

      It’s a shame. I’ve been to their shows in NY and they are so fan-friendly. They deserve more than that.

    • Derek I.

      As much as I hate to say it…a picture speaks a thousand words. The writing is on the wall, and it really sucks too. As much as people want to overlook it, WWE needs competition. WCW made WWE great in the late 90s. Once WCW got bought out, people stopped watching wrestling. Plain and simple. When there is an alternative, everyone thrives, talent and fans alike. People can hate on TNA all they want, but realistically the business needs TNA. Or if not TNA, it needs another company with the financial backing they’ve had, to allow for a national company w/ a national TV deal. Does a lot of stuff need to change booking and storyline-wise? Maybe even talent-wise? Sure. But bottom line, should TNA fold, the true losers here are the fans.

      • Guest

        How did people stop watching wrestling when WCW went out of business when almost no one was watching WCW prior to the buy-out?

        • napalmseth

          And how would you know people stopped watching, did you do a door2door survey?

    • Larry Lapka

      They made a major mistake leaving Orlando. I went to a few shows there while on vacation, and the place was loud and the fans were really into it. Of course, it was free, but sometimes you have to sell your product this way and then people will come back for more when they have to pay for it. Pro wrestling needs TNA, but it has to be sold and marketed the right way. It needs owners with nearly endless deep pockets to get the best talent, and not rely on WWE retreads so much. If it can’t do this, TNA will fold, and yes, the fans will be the real losers. And what happened to the PPV DVDs? That is how you market the product, and the decision to stop this DVD production is all wrong. The first step toward rejuvenating TNA is bring it back to Orlando, keep things there for a while, and then a few times a year spread out to other places. They have some fine product; it just isn’t handled correctly.

    • Glen

      Have seen this coming for a while now. Seeing empty seats on TV, and that’s the side of the audience the cameras are trying to show you. It looks like Ta told all the audience to sit on one side of the building too, to try and make it look better on TV.

    • Kage

      Jesus, that’s terrible. TNA need to do something about this, quicksmart.

    • hmw

      ha ha ha Sorry about your damn luck TNA. RIP

    • Daryl Jared Colman

      Even ROH has more of a crowd!

    • Ecco

      2008 Bound for Glory in Chicago drew 5,000. Since then, and after Hogan’s arrival, the ppv sales never recovered:

      2007: 4,000 attended in Duluth, GA
      2008: 5,000 attended in Chicago
      [Enter Hogan]

      2009: 2,400 attended in Irvine

      2010: 3,500 attended in Daytona Beach

      2011: 3,585 attended in Philly

      2012: 2,900 attended in Phoenix

      This is one of TNA’s most popular ppvs. They really need to ditch Hogan, his wcw ideas, and go back to what was working.

    • jltd

      I was at the show with my daughter and we got our tix at the box office at about 4:00. I specifically tried to get tix for the camera side, so we wouldn’t be looking at the talents’ heads, and was told that they weren’t available. So in this case, a picture is NOT worth a thousand words. I think the few that were allowed on that side were probably media, or somehow connected with the company.

    • zf555

      WWes saturday morning slam gets a bigger crowd than this

      • Reagan

        It happens every week on WWE & TNA you dumbass!

        The camera side is always like this. Haven’t you ever noticed on Raw and Smackdown how they only show the floor crowd of the ‘camera side’?

        Fucking sheep.

        • Braden

          Nope. I’ve noticed that on Raw and Smackdown they show all sides, because the arena’s are full.

        • julz1981

          you’re an idiot..have you never been to a wwe show?
          i see them live every year, and every time it’s 80% full at least.

          I love TNA, but they have very weak crowds.

        • Guest 1968

          I have been to many WWE shows. PPVs, RAW, SMACKDOWN, ECW, and house shows. The house shows are not broadcast on TV or PPV channels but they do have more fans show up than this TNA show. TNA sucks!

          TNA buyrate – The official paid attendance at the TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view this year was 2,622. However, there were 3,000 fans in the building during the show.

    • Combobreaker

      The camera side is always empty at live shows. This is a non issue. If ppl would know what they were talking about this wouldnt be a discussion. TNA has always did that, but ppl will continue to bash them anyway…

      • lilroach420

        live shows? this is their BIGGEST SHOW OF THE YEAR!

    • ray

      The problem is the way the company is presented on tv. It looks like a tv show or a practice show it doesnt have the right colour ring ,and the image is too clean cut it needs to go back to a more ruff look and move away from being a sitcom/drama show. The promo’s are the worst ever they just don’t sell , but in reality a lot of the wrestlers look like someone you would see in the supermarket and walk past they don’t have a superstar image that you need to make people watch you, people want fantasy ..

    • Reagan

      This post is such bullshit… you should get pictures of the camera side on Raw and Smackdown – you’ll find it’s the same situation.

      Camera side is always like this.

      • billionssg

        so you compare Raw and Smackdown with the biggest PPV in the company?

        • brantford

          60+ years of exsistance vs 11. 14 years of Smackdown, 20 years of RAW
          I say its completely fare to compare the 2.

          • billionssg

            a long time ago WCW can make that 40+ years (at that time) of exsistance company struggled.

          • Braden

            fare? At least learn to spell.

      • lilroach420

        never. just went to a smackdown taping last week and it was sold out, 10,000 fans easy.

    • MSR

      the attendance was actually around 4000 from a total of 6000(only half of the arena was used for the show). all the people were asked to shift to the TV side which created a small empty area on the other side & some people kept clicking zoomed images of that empty area to show that no one attended the show. The attendance of bfg was actally up from the past few years

      • nick manning

        Still over half empty.

        • Stephen

          More like, little more or less, a 1/3 empty

          • Brian Keith Cherrick

            Arena allegedly holds around 13k, they had 4-5k …. that’s like 1/3 full, lol.

      • Christian

        They were asked to shift to one side because they couldn’t fill the arena, if you’ve ever been to a TNA show, which I have, you’ll know that they only fill one side of the arena and use the camera angles to pretend there’s nothing on the other side, at least WCW could fill an arena.

      • Braden

        An empty arena is still an empty arena.

    • charley ramirez

      Honestly i watched the pre-show on spike and i would have thought the arena was full. Gotta hand it to TNA for make it seem fuller than it really was.

    • James Lappin

      i didn’t know the stipulations were an empty arena match


      So….all the TNA fans on the internet paid for tickets at BOUND FOR GLORY……all 3000 of them. Awesome. lol . Hope they enjoyed it.

      • Faithful1085

        If you like WWE and need some rest, watch Smackdown it will make go to
        sleep. Raw same ole thing over and

        over and over!

    • mcflorida

      At the end of the day, people in seats determine the popularity. If, at the biggest event of the year they draw only 4,000 or 400, it is bad. Very bad…TNA is not run properly as no one in main stream know any of the talent like they do the WWE

    • brantford

      they got 3,500-4,000 fans. Thats what TNA gets for the majorty of their PPV events.
      This isn’t anything new.

    • Justin Johnston

      I believe many of you people are extremely ignorant of professional wrestling in general. WWE, Inc. almost always completely sells out their arena’s capacity. This has so little to do with any fan or anything whatsoever on their shows at least since the turn of the century. The McMahons are within the top 5 most wealthiest people alive. They finance almost the entire world. They even provide money for the government. After the date of September 11, 2001, WWE, Inc. became the single most wealthiest corporation. The destruction of the World Trade Centers brought about a financial crisis which left the U.S.A. and almost the entire planet in debt and 1 corporation that had the provision to assist our government was WWE, Inc. This is why Linda McMahon has been running for the Senate seat a couple times recently. The McMahons have enough money to govern their own country. Even Jay Leno who is also 1 of the wealthiest people alive has been an employee of WWE, Inc. WWE, Inc. is a global corporation with almost every nation you can even think of owing its very preservation to the WWE, Inc. This is also why the WWE, Inc. has so many charity organizations in so many countries, especially world power nations. This is also why WWE wrestling has come to be so boring and dull and very unexciting in the past decade. Almost everyone on the roster is very inexperienced. I’m talking like maybe a little over 5 years experience. Plus they have unbelievably boring storylines now because all they do is recreate past feuds that were popular among fans before and they do it with newer people. There is NEVER anything new in the WWE. They can spend so much less money doing this while children will be the only people entertained and they continue to make money. Just like when they did that ssssSTUpid ECW return where every single person was never in the ECW promotion and the few (2 or 3) people who actually were in the ECW promotion were not at all at any time anything more than either a jobber or a wrestler who was released from their contract after an extremely short run. The only person I remember who was of any importance in the original promotion was RVD. Why do you think WWE made a bitch out of WCW and ECW wrestlers when WWE, Inc. acquired their promotions? Because they would not lose anything from downgrading superb superstars such as Scott Steiner, Kidman, Booker T, Ray Dudley, Diamond Dallas Page, D-Von Dudley, Justin Credible, Kanyon, Lance Storm, Nora Greenwald, Mike Awesome, David Flair, Perry Saturn, Raven, Reno, Rhyno, Sean O’Haire, Shawn Stasiak, Steven Richards, Tommy Dreamer, Brian Adams, Bryan Clark, Buff Bagwell, Chavo Guerrero, Chuck Palumbo, Hugh Morrus, Johnny Stamboli, Kaz Hayashi, Mark Jindrak, and Tazz. When they brought the other promotions into the WWE, they downgraded those “outsider” wrestlers yet any of the WWE wrestlers that were originally from WCW or ECW before the companies were acquired by WWE, like Undertaker, Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldust, Chris Benoit, Mick Foley, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Faarooq, and Big Show, all of whom were originally in the WCW before they went to WWF, they were all promoted as top stars because they abandoned the WCW promotion for WWF before the acquisition of WCW and ECW and before the WCW/ECW Alliance storyline. They made Booker T, a legend of wrestling, pair up with the weird and fucking bizarre Goldust, who was made into the Goldust gimmick simply because the Rhodes family were a huge part of the wrestling promotions competition of the ’80s. The WWE were never as big of a fan for the smaller high-flying wrestlers as the behemoth types so Kidman never had much success on WWE television yet his long time friend and team mate Rey Mysterio would be pushed as a top star, even though Vince McMahon doesn’t even prefer that type of wrestler. Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon were made to be wimps who can’t fight while Undertaker and Kane slapped them around as though they were not DDP and Kanyon. Lance Storm went from the World Champion of WCW to a boring under card who never wrestled a single decent match in WWE. David Flair was used for the sole purpose to make a bitch out of obviously. WWE thought why the hell would this guy even be wrestling and made the Undertaker beat him to bloody hell in video footage that didn’t even take place on WWE property. WWE made Perry Saturn fall in love with a fuckin’ mop while Chavo Guerrero rode around on a donkey head with a stick while spanking the air behind him. Raven was used for hardcore matches which is 1 of the lowest of wrestling match types. WWE made Sean O’Haire a giant baby who only ever whined because he was never booked to win a match. Brian Adams and Bryan Clark of Kronnik, 1 of the dominant and impressive tag teams before the acquisition of WCW, WWE made them get slapped around by Undertaker and Kane as though they could never stand even the slightest chance. Buff Bagwell, who was very successful in WCW, WWE brought him on television for about the blow of a fart and then he fell off the face of the earth and was never heard from again. WWE made Chuck Palumbo gay and made him marry another man in the middle of the ring on worldwide television. WWE made Tazz and under card wrestler. The WWE has always disapponted me. It is always obvious it is only about money there. now over in TnA, I see bad ass talent and storylines, unique match types, innovative maneuvers, charismatic characters. I really love TnA. I rarely watch WWE, but never miss Impact Wrestling. BUT 1 thing, Dixie Carter does not know what she is doing. She did not have prior experience in running a professional wrestling promotion. Therefore we have all this great stuff but no one who knows how to keep this kind of business going. Although TnA at first were permitted to use the nWA’s championships (which is common among the nWA), they did not evolve directly from the nWA, like how WWE, came from, WWF, came from WWWF, came from nWA. It’s everything wrestling only with a president who knows less than little about wrestling. Jeff and Jerry Jarrett needed anyone who was willing to help them start a promotion and they found Dixie Carter. The Carters know about running plants and eco-friendly energy. They do not know about professional wrestling. Dixie Carter persuaded her father to purchase a share of the company after the company’s major financial backer HealthSouth Corporation withdrew their support and the company after only a few months of existence was facing bankruptcy. The Carter family’s Panda Energy created the limited liability company TNA Entertainment to administer TnA but Panda Energy still has plants to run so they cannot continue to finance a professional wrestling promotion when the promotion is not making the money it is supposed to make to pay for the financing. The promotion is financed, the wrestlers go out and do their thing, and due to the Carter’s major lack of experience the average number of people who enjoy the promotion stays the same. And so nothing is happening for the Carters, they are providing without profit. There was only 1 time when the promotion was profiting, when they first became noticed on a national level. But it has just sat there since. And the WWE will not buy the company, I believe that firmly, why would WWE waste their money. The TnA promotion is a pile of steaming shit to them. They would not make any profit. WCW, was purchased because it was HUGE. It was owned by fucking Ted Turner, who was more famous and wealthier than the McMahons at the time even if the WCW promotion was not as popular as WWF at that time. Ted Turner and his Turner Broadcasting created CNN, you know the television channel that tells us everything that is happening in the world. The biggest news channel there is. Even at the time of WCW’s sale, it was owned by fucking Time-Warner Inc. which I believe was known as AOL Time Warner then. THAT is the reason WWE purchased WCW. If WWE bought TnA, it would be equivalent to the WWE purchasing a local motel. There is just nothing to get out of it. Still, I really hope something good comes out of it if TnA is sold off. I watched WCW before it was WCW and fell in love with it and then after all that it was just over. I have watched TnA as well since the beginning and I just really hope it is not all for nothing. I love my Impact Wrestling. I love them all. All the wrestlers. They have had some fuckin’ bad ass angles. The Insane Icon angle, I even greatly enjoyed this Aces & Eights storyline. I do not like to see my favorite wrestlers released from their contracts though. And I do not want TNA to sell. FUCK the WWE, and their annoying money-hungry bullshit. 1 episode of Impact Wrestling makes me happier than the entire amount of time I have spent since the ’80s watching WWE combined. I love professional wrestling in general and I watch WWE sometimes but they are just not my thing. I love you TnA and Impact Wrestling.

      • Troy Bennett

        i read all of this and agree but if u like old wwf/wcw come to my youtube channel MLGTroy1 watch like favorite share sub comment

    • Grown-up

      The problem is, only so many 6th graders can afford the tickets.

    • bearsfins4life

      Tna sucks we have a tiny arena they could even sell that out they sent low carders and nobodies. The arena gave us free tickets for our company thank god for that cause it wasn’t worth what they were charging

    • Tazz

      If TNA wants to survive. It should fire its current writing staff. Hire a new executive. Rememer when TNA was fun. It had a roster of guys people have never seen or cared about before. They werent recycling old trends from other companies…they were starting them. Now they hire any ex wwe, wcw, or ecw star no matter how old they are oush them, ignoring their true talent.

      I dont think having Sabin and Bully Ray as world champions was a good idea. These guys are famous as tag wrestlers and then out of the blue give them a huge push. They need to build someone new.

      TNA needs to do something it hasnt done in years….be original. Original storylines, original characters, new wrestlers.

    • Josh

      Tna should move permanently to UK it thrives here, they filled wembley arena!! Its free on out TV where you need sky sports to see WWE!
      SHame Hogan killed off TNA now he has gone bring back the 6 sides and the x division find new hungry indie talent and hopefully get better ratings in time

    • ciawhor16

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    • Faithful1085

      To this day, 12 years later why did people choose Raw over Nitro. Raw sucked even then. They copied a lot of WCW ideas, such as Vince being a bad guy like Eric.
      I wished WCW was back on owned by Ted Turner!

    • Negatist

      TNA should stand for Terribly Negligible Attendance… LOL

    • dan

      this is just really dissappointing it’s no wonder they’re all jumping to wwe

    • Calvin James

      TNA should move their IMpact zone to Chicago or Philly. The Wrestling Cities! Not in the south!

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