Photos: Kane Goes Corporate With A Suit & Tie

Posted by Brad Davis November 6, 2013 6 Comments

On Monday’s RAW, we saw the debut of “Corporate” Kane – with a suit and tie. Check out this gallery of Kane like we’ve never seen him before:

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    • Kage

      So, WWE are ripping-off Joseph Park now?

      Add that to the list of ‘TV-style episode recaps’, ‘PPV pre-shows’ & ‘behind the scenes interviews’.

      Before anyone can bite my head-off, I KNOW TNA didn’t invent these things (duh), but it’s clear that WWE have been reacting to TNA’s own ideas in implementing these things to their product. I thought WWE were ‘above’ TNA? I thought Vince didn’t see it as competition?

      Yeah, sure…

      • yoyo

        Actually, back in the attitude era, the Undertaker’s ministry went corporate, creating the Corporate Ministry to challenge Austin and DX. Although I agree, this is a bit too similar to Joseph Park.


          PUH – LEEZE HATERS! The Joseph Park character was a noob wrestler and supposed brother of Abyss. Kane is a bona fide star in need of a gimmick refresh as there’s only so much “Monster Kane-Protector of the Faces Kane – Back to Monster But Now He Wants Revenge Kane” we can handle. Kane is still relatively injury free now and has a a lot to offer. i also like the black and red tie as a nice touch and the fact that he’s not wearing the contact lens and having half his head shaved.

      • Stuart Moulding

        And if it carries on WWE will be taking another leaf out of TNAs book and performing infront of half empty arenas

    • Bhqwat

      Aw, look at him in his red tie and pocket tissues referencing fire. How sweet.

    • T 980

      This is oddly awesome

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