Photos: WWE Diva Eva Marie In Maxim Magazine

Posted by Brad Davis August 13, 2013 32 Comments

WWE Total Diva star Eva Marie is featured in the September issue of Maxim magazine. In the interview, she mentions wanting to get Kim Kardashian in the ring in a battle of the E! television reality stars.

Video: Behind The Scenes Footage from Eva’s Maxim Photo Shoot

Here are photos from the shoot:

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    • pwnez


    • Johrdann Miller

      Who in dee blue hell is this b1tch?

    • Andrew Campbell


    • Stew-ED!

      She’s damn fine…but I would love AJ to do this, but she won’t god dammit!

      • Pozessed

        Hotter than AJ, AJ isn’t anything special.

        • Stew-ED!

          Well that’s your opinion man but I’d take AJ over her anyday (LOL what am I saying I would never have the oppertunity to do that haha).

          • Pozessed

            Hey man, I had the opportunity with Paige, anything is possible.

            • Stew-ED!

              True. Did you know her personally or something, or did you just randomly meet her? (TELL ME!) Lol.

            • Pozessed

              What it was is, I was in Norwich which is where she was like born and lived I suppose. I was with my Uncle (Who was in his 20’s) and my older brother (He was in his 20’s too) at the time and saw her and straight away thought “Damn, shes kinda fine” so I started talking to her and we were getting on really well, she then dropped the “I’m a wrestler” line and we started talking about wrestling but then she like got a phone call and had to go. I didn’t get a chance to ask her out or for her number… Instead of saying “You are cute, give me your number” I was saying “Yeah, Stone Cold vs Bret Hart, probably my favourite match!”… So in future, do not talk about wrestling so much to the point that it ruins the chance of you achieving a girls number… I still look back and sigh thinking “I could have been with a WWE diva” but I was younger and I did learn from it.. Hopefully one day I can see her and actually ask her out! But yeah… I HATE THIS STORY!

            • Stew-ED!

              Damn man so close….SO CLOSE! She most probably got a call from WWE to go to Florida LOL. The story must be devastating for you man. Once we become wrestlers you can get her back. Believe in THAT!

            • Pozessed

              Yes.. The biggest fail in my life. But if we become wrestlers, I shall get someone better. Like Emma (I have a soft spot for her and her dance LOL)

            • Stew-ED!

              Ha she’s nice. Her gimmick is hilarious. I feel the same about AJ lol. I’ve just noticed that when you and others type in caps it reminds me of Kane screaming…it always makes me laugh haha.

            • Pozessed

              I do that a lot in real life, just talk quietly then BLAM. But man, I still wish Paige would have just asked. I could be in a totally different environment! Imagine me coming onto Total Divas LOL. “Paige’s Boyfriend Pozessed” I would have a fight with one of the the Funkadactyles’s douchebag boyfriends. LOL

            • Stew-ED!

              LOL. Funnily enough, I’m like that to. I have random outbursts of shouting, and I don’t even realize it half the time. I guess we have adopted the Roddy Piper way of speaking, like Ambrose has. But we don’t intentionally do it. Wrestling has had a great influence on how we speak LOL!

              Who would be in tears over a comment such as “you suck!? That’s only mean’t to affect Kurt Angle ha. Pozessed Vs Jimmy Uso Vs That bald guy needs to happen! Knowing WWE it would be on the Main-Card, most probably Main-Eventing. You gotta love mainstream media!

            • Pozessed

              LOL. Agreed man, I have to admit, growing up I loved DDP and Scott Steiner the most (WCW used to be on free TV) I loved how Steiner was just like “YOU ARE AN OLD SON OF A B1TCH!” and DDP used to excite me by hitting the Diamond Cutter out of nowhere. Although, do love Roddy Piper on the mic, I love the interview where he pours coffee over his head to make the point that he does whatever he wants.

              And come on, it would have to be a handicap match, I’d unleash my 20 moves of doom (20 more than Cena).

            • Stew-ED!

              SuperPozessed! So when did you start watching wrestling then? The only thing I could find of WCW was on ITV I think. I remembered watching Sting, Flair Johnny B Badd Lol. That’s the guys I remember. Ah nothing can beat the good ol’ days!

            • Pozessed

              I started watching wrestling with my Uncle back in the day, it was WCW I used to watch since it was on free TV. I cannot remember properly but I do remember Steiner and DDP, I think I was about 4 or 5. But I kinda watched it since I can remember.

            • Stew-ED!

              Jeez that’s young. I was 6 and I got Sky Sports. It was Smackdown and I fondly remember a backstage segment between Rey and Stevie Richards. It was love at first sight. I was glued to wrestling from then on.

            • Pozessed

              Man, it was DDP winning the world championship that made me think wow. It is strangely the only thing I remember from the first few years of my life. Lol, DDP is just epic though man.

            • Stew-ED!

              Haha! Yeah same DDP is really cool, especially in real life! DDP YOGA! I want to try that out! Wrestling has controlled our lives, and we love it!

            • Pozessed

              Ofcourse we do man, it was always an escape for me since well, my childhood was pretty rubbish.

            • Stew-ED!

              Ah mate that sucks, at least you have wrestling then man.

    • Jbabyface

      mehh in 50 years she will be saggy and old

      • Forceton Banfodder

        meh, she won’t even live that long with all that silicon in her t!ts.

      • shameronstar

        so will all of use if we even live that long you simpleton!

    • Forceton Banfodder

      I have a difficult time calling her a Diva when I have yet to see her do anything in the ring other than sit and look pretty during a Q&A.

      Also, what the F**K was up with that horrible match between AJ/Big E and Khali/Natalia. That was embarrassing.

    • Gamexxx07

      She very hot wwe diva and i would put poster on my wall!

    • Cameron Zimos Demoss

      I thought this was the PG Era, well its not Playboy, but hey its something.

    • G.I.R.L.

      I’m sweating.

    • Chris Savage

      she’s atrractive and all but she needs to work on her character a bit they should bring up paige and have her feud with eva marie

    • Derringer Duo

      She’s fine, but she has the mic skills and charisma of a brick.

    • Ted Gal

      if you want to see that nipple on raw in future give me hell yeah!

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