Pics: Lawler Dating 21-Year Old Diva, New WM27 PPV Poster

Posted by Brad Davis March 1, 2011 19 Comments


— Promotional material for WrestleMania is now prominently featuring The Rock. Pictured to the right is the new PPV poster for the event, released by InDemand today.

Stacy Keibler has been added to the all-new 24W Divas section.

— Professional dancer Cheryl Burke, who will be Chris Jericho’s dancing partner on the upcoming season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, tweeted the following on Monday:

“Just finished day 1 of rehearsal! Love my new partner!”

— Apparently there was a rumor going around Twitter that John Cena was in the hospital — This is untrue. Cena commented on the rumor, saying:

CeNation. Apparently last night I was shot dead by a group of thugs. I also was apparently owned by the rock. Both just internet rumor. :)

— During his recent interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine, Jerry Lawler said that he’s currently dating 21 year old WWE developmental Diva Su Yung. Yung, now known as Sonia at Florida Championship Wrestling, broke into the business wrestling in Memphis, Tennesse, including Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling promotions. For those wondering, Lawler is 61 years old, 40 years her senior. Here’s a look at the FCW diva that’s gettin’ it in with The King:

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    • Eddie

      GO KING!!!

    • Wrestlehead

      Hey, if I can get that when I’m 61 I’ll be jumping for joy. The only question is whether she’s using him to try and climb the ladder. It worked for HHH. Then he got married to her.

      • Eddie

        Probably she is…but why not enjoy the ride. If she is like cherry n a divas champ we’ll kno.

      • ED

        I don’t think Lawler cares one way or another about her motivations…either way, she’s climbing HIS ladder so i’m sure he’s quite content:)

    • The Pale Guy

      not bad king. not bad at all. i guess ot really is great to be the king…

      • The Pale Guy


    • Glen

      Well done King. Just wondering if she’s gonna use him.

    • Random guy

      She’s cute. But someone needs to tell her that banging Lawler won’t help her career. Lawler is a non-entity in WWE.

    • jimmy

      they sure Jerry didnt pick her up at walmart like the other chicks he dates?

    • Hollow Bonez

      King was always a horn-dog for younger girls lol. Great to be King.

    • Doc.G

      I Hope She doesn’t get fired. Cuz we all know what Lawler did Last time.

    • SICK

      You guys thinks this is cool?! She is a little girl,Her body and brain has not finished growing yet.He has great grandkids older than him. Ya’ll nasty!What if this was your baby girl? OMGosh

      • SICK

        opps, He has great grandkids older than her..

        • ED

          uhhh….did you read the article wrong? she’s 21, not 12 – like your comment would suggest…

    • andy

      no Alberto Del Rio on the poster? wtf WWE.put Del Rio on the poster or i wan’t download WrestleMania.
      p.s. well done King. i bet The Miz can’t score with her.

    • stinger

      KING for ppresident on 2012 down OBAMA booo!!!

    • randy k orton

      Who cares if she using him if he hittn it its probably all that matters for him haha

    • jimmy ripp

      first off….it truly is great to be the king….2-u think he cares if she is trying to get a leg up in the WWE as long as he is getting her to put a leg up on him…3-if she is in fact trying to get ahead thru lawler that negates all comments about lawler taking advantage of a young girl etc….4-no i wouldnt want my daughter to seek out a man 40 years older…but lawler still a younger looking man…(FLAIR 62 looks old enuff to be lawlers dad!) but if it is what and who makes her happy how can i say no I DONT WANT U HAPPY>….I WANT U WITH A YOUNG MAN NOT RICH AND WHO WILL DO NOTHING BUT PUT U ON DISPLAY AND TRY TO CONTROL YOU AND STALK YOU WHEN U DECIDE ITS OVER)……lastly….i know the king is a young kitty hound but he is a decent guy and funny as hell and wealthy….never heard him in a DV case like others ….and you gotta love his taste….and life is too short…find who and what you like and go for what you know. be happy and happy for others…rather than hate and be a hater toward others.

    • Mustaffa

      Jerry raped a girl in walmart parking lot

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