Picture Of Hulk Hogan’s New $3.3 Million Mansion

Posted by Brad Davis May 9, 2012 8 Comments

– After selling his previous home for $6.2 million earlier this year (down from the original $25 million asking price), Hulk Hogan and his new wife Jennifer have purchased a 5,000-square-foot home in north Clearwater Beach for $3.3 million.

Built in 2009 and located at 1040 Eldorado Ave., the home and has an elevator, fireplace, pool and two spas and looks out on an open expanse of secluded gulf beachfront.

UniversalOrlando.com has posted an updated TNA tapings schedule for the remainder of 2012 and shows several upcoming TNA PPVs will take place from the Impact Zone:

* May 13 – Sacrifice
* July 8 – Destination X
* August 12 – Hard Core Justice
* September 9 – No Surrender
* October 14 – Bound for Glory
* November 11 – Turning Point
* December 9 – Final Resolution

Slammiversary in June takes place from Arlington, Texas. After checking with a reliable TNA source, we can report that Bound For Glory 2012 will be on the road again this year as always – so the listing of Bound For Glory taking place from Orlando is an error by the Universal website.

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    • Brock Fesnar

      Hey Hulk Baldan, how about you sell that house to me for a cool $100,000 after your new wife takes 80% of your money in 3 years

    • The_Real_PETER

      Why does he feel the need to buy a big ass mansion when he is dead broke himself? Get a nice condo in Florida instead!

      • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

        Hogan is making millions for TNA, even with the financial disaster that resulted from his divorce and Nick’s car wreck, he’s still comfortable by average standards


      Hulk Hogan deserves big mansions for destroying his body in the ring for all us fans.

      • Wrestlehead

        I grudgingly agree. I’m not a huge fan but I do agree that the business is way better off because of him.

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      Now we know where all of TNA’s money is going!

    • The_Real_PETER

      Well tbh now that I think again he kinda deserves it.I mean he was A BEAST back in his Era and is now making TNA huge.It WILL surpass WWE soon on ratings if Dixie retires and Hogan takes over.Or at least release sting and make Hulk new gm.

    • Kage

      Meanwhile, the Knockouts are fighting each other over a half-eaten sandwich in the Universal Studios parking lot.

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