Picture Of Triple H, Stephanie & Criss Angel

Posted by Brad Davis May 5, 2012 7 Comments

Late Friday night, illusionist Criss Angel tweeted a photo (below) of himself with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at his Believe™ show at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, “The King of Kings” was conspicuously not wearing an arm sling after WWE.com announced earlier in the evening that he would require surgery following Brock Lesnar’s vicious application of the Kimura Lock on his left arm Monday night on Raw SuperShow.

To explain Triple H appearing uninjured alongside his wife and Angel, the official Twitter feed of the WWE Insider stated Saturday morning that he was wearing a brace on his left arm in the photo opportunity. However, the alleged brace is not visible as “The Game” has his left arm behind Angel in both photographs not to mention that he is wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Check out the picture here:

Meanwhile, Angel suggested a possible collaboration with WWE in his message as he hashtagged #Summerslam and said he planned to meet the couple on Saturday:

“Friends #tripleH #StephanieMcMahon #WWE #SummerSlam after #BeLIEve tonight. Great 2Cu. C u tomorrow.”

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    • EuroGod

      Seriously.. I would not mind doing her.. hard..

      • jay

        i don’t blame you Stephanie McMahon is cute

      • qwerty

        You talking about crisssssssssd angel right?
        Lol jk, I’d do it with hhh if it meant I could do steph

    • brock fesnar

      I am the reason why crissssssss angel is not smiling.
      I put that mouth into a kumalerua lock

    • CM Drunk

      Damn it miz! That was a close one

    • MILFHunter

      damn, Stephanie sure aged a lot.
      i mean she looks exactly like a mom should be, not really hot and not certainly not MILF. lol

    • what up

      HHH was at Monday night raw in Greensboro NC on April 7th 2012 two weeks after the “Break” and he was not in a brace or cast and BTW John Cena was “Live via statelite” but after Raw went off the air he came out and faced Kane in a Dark match in Greensboro

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