Pictures: Chyna Gets Plastic Surgery

Posted by Brad Davis May 4, 2012 15 Comments

Former WWE diva turned porn star Chyna was at the Gold Gala over the weekend – and it appears she has had some drastic plastic surgery performed. This was her first public appearance since January, when she was already showing signs of face work. Now, it would be hard to deny it.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn spoke to about Chyna’s drastically different appearance:

“Chyna’s face looks like a bloated version of itself… It appears that a cosmetic surgeon plumped it up beyond recognition, likely with injections of fat or other facial filler. To say it looks overdone is an understatement.”

Check out these [disturbing] pictures:

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    • Darwin

      It looks like the surgery made her face fatter…unless it’s swelling, which I doubt. Either way…ew.

    • Th_Mssngr

      A little surgery’s fine… but how did she go from the gorgeous woman in 1999 to, well, this? She must be more plastic than human now.

      • Josh

        Gorgeous woman???? She always had a butter face and she’s been getting it worked on ever since.

        • lllll

          Maybe not gorgeous but she didn’t look all too bad either. It’s sad to see her now…

          • Th_Mssngr

            She was gorgeous, end of.

        • ScorpionKing

          “She always had a butter face” you dont even know what having a “butter face” means, obviously.

          • Josh

            Actually, I was trying to save the feelings of those who thought she was good looking. But, if you wanna be the guy that says she was downright fugly, you said it, not me.

    • This Fire Burns

      wrestling 1990’s-porn 2012

    • Wrestlehead

      She definitely had more than a few things lifted and probably some botox too. It’s sad what her career has come to at this point. She was so highly regarded in the late 90’s and now she’s nothing more than a punch line.

      • VeteranWrestlingFan

        It is sad. I remember seeing her as women champion on WWE programing for the last time back in 2001. I was only 10 then, and a die-hard wrestling fan. Chyna was in amazing shape at that time. She had a nice slender, youthful, but firm body. She seem so happy and alive. I could only imagine what she really was feeling at that time. Chyna was among the greats in pro-wrestling. Now she has joined that growing list of people who are now no longer a fraction of their former selves.

    • Papa Georgio

      Why? She looks sort of like Snooki and that’s never a good thing.

    • qwerty

      Probably injected with old sperm

    • Kage

      Jeez…what is wrong with her? Why does she keep doing this horrible stuff?

    • Scott Kendall

      my god, she has a face like a smashed pumpkin, i bet her vag looks like a smashed taco

    • CM Drunk

      Wrestle mania 29 main event hogan vs chyna battle of the sex tapes!

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