Pictures of Christian At TNA Slammiversary

Posted by Michael Bluth June 10, 2012 7 Comments

WWE Intercontinental champion Christian appeared Sunday night at TNA Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view event under his former Christian Cage name to announce the number one moment in TNA Wrestling history as voted by the fans – Sting’s return to TNA at Final Resolution 2006. Check out these pictures of Christian at TNA Slammiversary:

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  • hahaha

    Roode: So.. any word on if i can get a job yet? we can reform Team Canada – it’ll be great!
    Christian: Nah, you’re better off here – they’d bury you like they do me… can you believe it??? I’m IC Champ! WTF

  • ……

    Hope he brought the WWE ic title with him to cut a heel promo…probably not though…

    • Some Guy

      If he did, that could start an epic storyline between the 2 companies. One we haven’t seen since the days of WWE vs WCW. I think it would instantly boost the ratings for both sides.

      • T 980

        Something like that, alone, would get me to watch Wrestling again. Unless they do that, I highly doubt I’ll begin watching regularly again.

  • Peter

    WWE had Flair on screen for like 3 mins during the HOF and you could barely see him when they appeared at Wrestlemania… So how come TNA gets Christian for a full night get involved on their show? I don’t understand how this is fair.

    • Kindred1313

      I think it had to do with how WWE used Flair on camera (It was there choice). so TNA decided to capitalize on Christian. WWE is a Nazi when it comes to not promoting any one outside the company

    • Matthew

      Christian was only on for a two minute promo. Dont say anything unless you watch the show.

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