Pictures Of The New WWE Championship Belt

Posted by Michael Bluth February 19, 2013 45 Comments

On Monday’s RAW – the era of the “Spinner” WWE Championship belt came to an end. During The Rock’s show-ending celebration, Rock said he’s going to WrestleMania 29, but not with the spinner WWE Championship belt that John Cena unveiled 8 years ago.

No, The Rock debuted a new WWE Championship belt on RAW that he said was worthy of the great champions that came before him, like Bruno Sammartino and Steve Austin.

Check out these pictures of the new WWE Championship belt:;img.ry:50;

New WWE Championship Belt

  • Drag Da 1

    That belt is the SH!!!!T. N that’s the bottom line…… If ya smell……. InDEED!

    • morrisonfanone

      I think what the Rock’s been smelling is some kind of drug if he thinks that title looks good.

  • A Paul Heyman Guy

    This title sucks as much ass as the spinner one!! I was hoping for an “Eagle” design, which represents a true champion, not this piece of crap!!

  • damz

    That belt is the ugliest piece of shit yet

    • damz

      I changed my mind. I’m the ugliest piece of shit yet.

  • Beer Money Jobber

    It looks like an over sized black onyx ring. The brahma bulls got to go.

    • WTF

      So does Punk

      • Mr. Real Talk

        Yeah, let’s get rid of the guy who draws the most money. Kill yourself.

    • next WWE icon

      it will change when other wrestlers have there reign as champion

  • Eric Schulte

    Give me a fucking break, this title is a piece of shit design, SERIOUSLY WHO DESIGNED THIS GARBAGE? then again the product of wrestling has become garbage

    • Garrett

      I couldn’ t agree more… designed in Kindergarten lol…

  • Hector Naranjo

    The belt doesnt reperesent a champ. The IC belt looks of more importance than the new Wwe belt. I was expecting a winged eagle. After seeing that one maybe the spinner one wasnt all that bad after all. In other words the new WWE belt sucks

  • ….

    They shoulda brought the old the title instead

  • LOL.

    this is terrible, i’d rather them stick to the “spinner” belt, but it wasn’t even a “spinner” for a while, it got made a sold nonmoving belt. but this belt is shit.

  • Ryder Or Riot

    The damn Internet Championship looks better than this. #WWWYKI

  • DAMM

    Why does everyone hate the new belt so much seriously?

    • Josh

      Welcome to the Internet.

    • morrisonfanone

      Because it’s ugly?

  • Kage

    I actually liked the spinner design (I know, I’m weird).

    The new WWE title looks a lot better in more recent photos that have been released. It looks nice!

    • sucka

      imho the spinner belt looks better than the new wwe one

    • morrisonfanone

      Not that it matters. The Rock’s never around enough to get used to it.

  • KenFromNY

    I have mixed feelings about this. I’m glad to see the spinner belt is in the past, but this looks too small to be a World (sorry, WWE) Title. It looks like the old (circa 2004) US Title has a decal over it. Hey, at least this way… when the Rock drops it, they don’t have to create an entire new belt. Whether or not they do, it’s up to them. But if they stick with it, they can just remove the smaller pieces from the sides and let the main part of the belt show. I don’t know, I guess this is a case of “Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it”. We wanted the spinner belt gone, and this is what we get.

    • morrisonfanone

      I guess that’s true. We wanted the spinner belt gone, and we got this. I liked the belt when Edge was champ. The one that had his Rated R symbol on it. Best (WWE) belt I’ve seen.

  • charley ramirez

    I dont like it. its ugly and theirs no place to put the name plate.

  • xzecutioner

    Spinner Gone ?

    My Reaction : yes FINALLY Shit is gone

    New one ?

    My Reatcion : BUT Stains of shit still there.

  • sucka

    looks like a cheap chinese made toy knockoff of a wwe belth

    • sucka


  • Ray

    Kill it!!!..kill it with fire!!!

  • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

    i’d rather see the WWE spinner belt than this crap.

  • raidmar

    worthy of the great champions of the past, my ass. 8 years ago Cena won the belt and made it his own with the spinner, no matter who won the title from then on, they would have that spinner weather they spun it or not, that’s beyond the point and the rock has made this title his own with them two bulls on the side, no matter who wins it from here on out they’re going have to strap that title around their waist or over over their shoulder and when they look at title and them bulls, they’re going to think about rock. not to mention that W is just way too big

  • rado49

    Hopefully when Cena beats the Rock at WM he brings the spinner belt back…god anything would be better than this horrendous piece of shit!!!

    • Shaking My Head


  • Steven B

    So where’s the name plate that the current champions name goes on? Might as well have the “million dollar belt” back. has the belt on sale already, the bull logos aren’t on it, just more “W” logos

  • ty

    this is bad. its in the shape of the US Title

  • i Am GoD

    looks like the new ecw championship lolol . its uglier than ever

  • E

    I hate this design…HATE IT…but I think they are going to replace the nameplate with the sections on the sides of the main design…how The Rock has the bulls..I think the current champion will have something that represents them.

  • daboy

    The World Heavyweight Championship belt that ADR has in Smackdown is much better, WAY BETTER looking than this!

    • Beer Money Jobber

      That’s the old WCW/NWA belt. Flair even had it back in his heyday.

  • Knickout

    Why can’t wwe go back to the undisputed title belt….

  • Real Deal

    This is the same belt that leaked out in June and July of last year. Same belt CM punk said was going to come. I knew I seen the belt before when they revealed it last night. Google WWE belt and look for June (july for some other stories)

  • sharpshooter573

    Wow it doesn’t matter what WWE does dumb asses are going to complain.

    • Rooter

      Exactly. But hey, thats all the internet is good for nowadays. If internet fans were to run thingz, the wwe would be in even worse shape than it is now. #sickofbitchyinternetfans (and yes I am fully aware i sound like them too. Lol! The new title looks dope as hell. Glad that pos spinner belt is gone)

  • Homer Simpson

    Burn it! Send it to hell!

  • ……

    That belt sucks!…the only thing they got right was the black and gold….it’s basically the spinner belt but a slightly different shape and bigger.
    Where is the world? Where is the eagle? Where is the name plate?!…..

    • morrisonfanone

      Not there.

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