Pictures Of The Rock On The Set Of “Pain & Gain”

Posted by Michael Bluth June 5, 2012 20 Comments

Check out these pictures of The Rock on the set of his new movie Pain & Gain, about a pair of Florida body builders who get swept up in an extortion and kidnapping plot:

[nggallery id=8]

  • Mr 561

    The Rock is looking BEAST

    • kmkkmk

      the rock is looking juiced!

  • Gayle East

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm I miss rock on wrestling so much but what awesome movies he is in he is such a hottie great wrestler and a wonderful actor have got everyone of his movies God bless you rock keep up the good work love a fan gayle east ;Washington state USA

  • John Laryngitis

    workout + steroids = monster muscles

  • Chunnia

    I guess that when he returns to wrestling to become the champ he’ll be billed as their latest one man wrecking machine.

  • tosser

    gotta admit, for just like 2 years younger. Rock and clearly the same amount of steroids… Rock has aged a helluva lot better than HHH

  • Rick James

    Steroids is a hell of a drug.

  • rudy

    Stay in wrestling

  • Better than you.

    Anyone that knows anything about steroids knows that if The Rock was on steroids he would massive amounts of fluid behind his ears and across his neck that would actually bulge out (look at Kurt Angle’s neck and you’ll see it, especially in his WWE days). People need to stop being so jealous, it is possible to get that jacked without the use of steroids and The Rock puts in the work, so don’t hate, appreciate

    • Mark Henry

      R u some kind of Roidologist? I’m a fan of the Rock but he is jacked on some of that shyt fo sho fo life. boots2asses

      • Better than you.

        No I’m not a “roidologist”, I’m just educated!

        • Darryll Zwiers

          Nah, I am educated. And that’s juice. The rock has always worked out, and hasn’t ever been that big, then suddenly he taps into his genetic potential and almost doubles in size? stop hero worshipping and accept that half of sports and movie stars are getting surgery, and doing drugs. These people are not genetically superior, but pharmaceutically superior.

      • yesyesyesitsdamntrue

        Just because you’re are not jacked because of the “hard work” I’m sure you put in everyday at the gym, don’t be jealous of people who can get huge through dedication, blood, sweat, and tears, and accuse them of “cheating” he puts in more work getting out of bed everyday than you have in your life.

  • hooting hooters hooting

    I’ll probably watch this move. Only cuz mark walberg is in it though.

  • lol

    just cause hes that muscly doesnt mean hes on roids lmao. i mean if u work out alot u get that way. if uve ever seend people on roids they are huge

  • renegade420

    why is just because some is jacked and probably worked really hard on their body they MUST be on steroids?!? so everyone who is built has to be on steroids. Just because the people who post on these threads are 50 lbs overweight they gotta hate on people who are muscular.

  • Steve

    IS that Kurt angle in Picture 6? Is he in the movie or just visiting the set?

    • Doomguy666

      That’s Kurt Angle. I believe he is in the movie.

  • Sam

    Thought I saw Kurt Angle in pic #6 Lol. Nice pictures there. I’m sure the movie would be great, The Rock and Wahlberg are great actors.

  • The Preacher

    The Rock is no stranger to steroids — if you doubt it just look at his early wrestling days and the gynecomastia he got from taking massive amount of testosterone — in these pics both he and Wahlberg look very bloated — stop believing this nonsense of “my heros wouldnt take steroids” it has nothing to do with the mans character or morality — he is paid to be larger than life — just as we dont condemn women with fake breasts — this is called reality and our media rewards larger than life characters and images of ideals (not reality)

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