Pictures: Triple H Walks Floyd Mayweather To The Ring

Posted by Brad Davis May 6, 2012 11 Comments

WWE star/executive Triple H walked Floyd Mayweather to the ring ahead of his boxing victory against Miguel Cotto on Saturday night from Las Vegas. Hunter carried one of Mayweather’s championship belts and discretely wore a sling on his left arm, selling the storyline injury he suffered at the hands of Brock Lesnar on Monday’s RAW.

Hunter and Mayweather are close friends, dating back to Mayweather’s involvement at WrestleMania 24. Back in 2009, Mayweather talked about wanting Hunter to accompany him to the ring for an upcoming fight:

“Triple H is one of the greatest guys in the world and represents a whole universe of WWE fans that appreciate what he does. He and his stature are huge and I can’t think of a better person to escort me to the ring for my return to boxing.”

Check out these pictures of Triple H walking Mayweather to the ring (5/5/12):

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    • JohhnyAce

      Bieber was also there

    • CM Drunk

      Finally CM Drunk has come back to the comments section on 24wreatling

      • xpac

        who in the blue hell are you???!!!!!

    • brock fesnar

      I, Brock fesnar, would have f5’d maywethers entire camp then put him in a kamehamha lock

    • truth revealed

      It’s a story line guys, remember when Vince was in an accident and was believed to be dead, and there an investigator questioning people about Vince death on Raw, but the next week Vince was at Stu Hart’s funeral so they called off the story..

    • Wrestlehead

      I agree that it is incredibly hypocritical, but the Chris Benoit issue is a complicated one. WWE wants nothing to do with Benoit because many people think he murdered his wife and kids because of all the performance enhancing drugs he was on, not to mention all the blows to the head he took. With that in mind I doubt Benoit will ever get in the HOF or even be mentioned in a WWE broadcast again.

    • Peter

      But Floyd didn’t kill his wife and a 7 year old, did he?

    • Reality Check

      Sod off mongol,personally I didn’t think he had anything to do with it.But then again you’re just Peter,the one and only 10 year old kid,sometimes alongside Euraw,that have no clue wtf they’re talkin about

    • Peter

      I like Cena,so ofc I have to act like a kid.

    • Peter

      Although I would disagree with you, please be aware that I have a doppleganger on the loose. This is the first comment I’ve posted on this thread.

    • The_Real_PETER

      With that being said, your “personal” assumption doesn’t change the fact that all hard evidence point to Chris Benoit killing his child and wife. Aside from the shady conspiracy theories that have developed throughout the years that have zero factual basis, you have nothing to prove otherwise.

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