Poll: Fans Decide The Name Of WWE Network Show

WWE is asking fans to help them name the first show on the upcoming WWE Network, which they’ve now dubbed “the most interactive channel in television history.”

The first show on the WWE Network is described as “a retrospective on the greatest entertainment spectacular of all time, WrestleMania. Each episode will transport you back to a single WrestleMania, starting with the Show of Show’s thrilling debut at Madison Square Garden in 1985, all the way to WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami. Join us as we revisit each epic event through complete matches, never-before-seen footage, and in-depth commentary from the Superstars and Legends who’ve shared WWE’s grandest stage.”

The choices for the poll include:

* WrestleMania Revisited

* WrestleMania Rewind

* WrestleMania Flashback

* WrestleMania Review

You can cast your vote here.