Popular Pro Wrestling Novel To Be Turned Into Television Series?

Posted by Matt Boone December 18, 2013 0 Comment

The following was recently issued:

*** Press Release: Wrestling Novel being developed for TV Series ***

, the #1 Bestselling crime novels set in the pro-wrestling world, are now in active development to become a U.S TV series.

The books have been a huge hit with both crime and wrestling fans since Volume 1 was released in early 2012. Since then Volume 2 has been released and both books have enjoyed the #1 spot on Amazon stores in Germany, Canada, the U.K., and Ireland, and the U.S.

“I have signed the TV and film rights over to a wonderful producer from New York who in turn has sought out two smart and talented writers from Hollywood to write the pilot,” said Blood Red author Paul O’Brien this week. “We now have a team of creative people who are passionate about these books and these characters and I couldn’t be happier to see how it all progresses.”

Released as ‘self published’ books, the Irish author goes on to explain why he chose to go that route in the first place. “Well, I had interest in the novels. One agent even thought they were perfect – except for the whole wrestling thing! So I had a choice. Run into the middle where everyone else was, or take a risk and stand over in the corner on my own.”

It turns out that going it alone has paid off for the author, with the novels picking up readers, praise and huge endorsements along the way.

WWE Superstar and NY Times Best Selling author Mick Foley, was the first to take the unprecedented step of publicly endorsing the books at the beginning. “There’s only two great wrestling novels out there and Paul O’Brien has written them both,” said Foley recently. “These books are the reason I’ve given up on writing a wrestling novel myself, because Paul has set the bar so darn high!”

Foley’s fellow WWE Superstar, William Regal agrees. “I am in awe of the research. I am fascinated by the tales and I loved these books.” The books have even reached Japan where IWGP Champion ‘Prince’ Fergal Devitt has called them “amazing” and “brilliant”.

Ever since their launch, the Blood Red Turns Dollar Green books have straddled the crime and wrestling worlds. “The Godfather with Suplexes,” Foley has called them in the past. But O’Brien is clear to point out that they’re very much crime books- but set in a unique world. “The wrestling business in these books is shady, underhand and lethal to some. These men had the Americas ‘organised’ long before the Sicilians arrived.”

A thirty year wrestling fan himself, Paul is currently working on Volume 3 for release in May 2014. He has been writing professionally for fifteen years, mostly for the stage where he learned from some of the best writing mentors that Ireland has to offer. His plays have been staged or commissioned by the National Theatre of Ireland, Druid Theatre, Red Kettle Theatre and the Gaiety School of Acting to name a few.

“I have put every single scrap of knowledge and passion that I have into these books. I research each book for months before I write to make sure this world is as authentic as can be. All I hope is that the reader feels and sees this when they pick up their copy. These books are my life at the moment.”

Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vol. 1 and 2 are available here and all other major online book stores.

You can reach Paul on his site PaulOBrien.info or on Twitter @tweetpaulobrien.