Possible Match for WWE Elimination Chamber, John Cena Speaks

Posted by Matt Boone January 28, 2013 8 Comments

- WWE posted the following video of 2013 Royal Rumble winner John Cena:

– F4Wonline.com reports that word at Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view was that officials were considering a CM Punk vs. The Rock rematch for Elimination Chamber. The original plan was for The Rock to compete in the Chamber match but they may end up changing that.

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    • Edge

      How stupid are they? It’s an elimination chamber match! Get Ryback,The Rock,CM Punk,Antonio Cesaro,John Cena(only as a filler) and The Miz inside the steel structure and that’s it.I know that the rematch is only for dollars but there’s absolutely no need for it right now when Punk’s feud with Undertaker must start.Want some ratings and money?Make the Rock defend his title on Raw against Punk.

    • raidmar

      wwe is fucking stupid. C.M. punk just had a 400 plus day reign end, and now he’s going to lose to rock in back to back title matches on PPV. makes no damn sense.

      • Splodeydope

        It makes perfect sense for the new champ to win in the rematch. It happens almost all the time, and is specifically to get the new champ over. The 400+ day reign doesn’t change that, and a reign that long is way too long anyway.

        • Edge

          If they want The Rock to look good then make him enter the chamber and defend his title there.What’s the point of wasting time on a rematch at a PPV when there’s RAW for that.I doubt that officials would be that stupid to ruin the concept of a PPV only to make The Rock look good as a champion which by the way is only thanks to CM Punk.You say 400+ days are too long but those 400 days brought back the significance of the title.And i bet you would better watch The Rock defeating 5 other superstars then only one guy.

          • Not Chris Jericho

            Pros and cons of Rock being in an Elimination Chamber match.
            Pros: Guys get a good rub off of being in a match with the Rock, Rock looks stronger, and it makes his reign mean something

            Cons: It risks the main event of Wrestlemania (and a LOT of money) if the Rock were to be injured. If that happens it puts other programs in jeopardy as a substitue would be needed. It also means Super Cena will look even better when he wins at Mania…”redemption” for last year and all of that BS

    • Not Chris Jericho

      Punk lost without bringing in the new WWE Championship belt too…that just stinks. Maybe he will pull a Ted Dibiase bringing the new title with him tonight at Raw. Still claiming to be champion due to unfair odds (still counting his days…perfect to keep him over as a heel going into a rematch with Rock).

      After that match, he loses, still claiming to be the champion only for Taker to return leading to their Wrestlemania match. Yup, that would be smart…but the writers are too stupid to pull it off and salvage what they’ve done to Punks character.

      • Not Chris Jericho

        I also want to add that (in my mind), the Undertaker should be revieled as hiring the Shield to keep Punk on top. All that to prove Punk a lesson that he is not the Best in the World, and that Taker was pulling his strings all along. That would set up a hysterical Punk (very much a Loose Cannon Brian Pillman offshoot to further his character). Talking to himself, being delusional that he is still the champion etc etc.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      How many Cena vs Rock matches are there going to be?

      Let’s see, we can have them wrestle at Gold’s Gym basement, at Macy’s, the White House lawn with Obama as guest ref, in the Superdome before the Super Bowl, baseball spring training, Central Park, in Donald Trump’s hair, in a Wal-Mart parking lot, during a blizzard in Minnesota, in a barrel over Niagra Falls, etc.
      Sounds ridiculous, don’t it. The WWE is going to milk & over hype this feud to death. I could care less about Cena vs Rock.

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