Possible *Spoiler* For Sunday’s WWE TLC Main Event

Posted by Brad Davis December 13, 2013 29 Comments

On Tuesday night, WWE taped the 2013 Tribute To the Troops special, which will air on December 28th, almost two weeks after WWE’s TLC pay-per-view.

We heard from a few fans who were in attendance last night that World Heavyweight champion John Cena did not have the World Heavyweight title or the WWE Championship with him. Randy Orton did not appear at the show.

While this is does not mean anything definitive about the result of Sunday’s Unification match, title changes have been ‘spoiled’ before when champions appear at TV tapings without their belts.

*Spoilers* WWE Tribute To The Troops Tapings Results

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    • Martian

      They don’t have them because of assension ceremony on Raw

      • wlouden77

        Yeah but the show the article is talking about will air AFTER the PPV. WWE has spoiled many of a title change in this way. Perhaps we will see something different on sunday.

        • twet

          in my eyes they made it obvious on monday. the way they booked it they made it look like orton got no chance in hell, and usually if they let ppv guys get beat up on the last show before the ppv they win on the ppv. so unless they turn around the story on sunday by the authority sucking up to orton it’s pretty predictable he will win

    • Jim Jimson

      Really? Really? Booooo! I’m no Cena-Fan, but I think Orton is the worst of what’s wrong about WWE today. He is, and has always been, BORING

      • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

        Bullshit. Orton is what keeps WWE exciting. AT LEAST HE CAN ACTUALLY WRESTLE!!! Cena is terrible and is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the WWE. Orton is one of the greatest heels in wrestling HISTORY

        • Lee Macko

          Stop drinking the WWE Kool-Aid, They both suck!

          • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

            false. ive been a Orton fan ever since his legendary match with mick foley at backlash for the Intercontinental Championship. If that doesnt make you a Orton fan, you shouldnt be watching wrestling period. And for the record, my favs r Orton, Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Justin Gabriel, JTG, even PETEY WILLIAMS. Hardly drinking the “WWE Kool-Aid.”

            • Lee Macko

              I agree sorta. He was once my fav as well, and was once decent, and is still decent in the ring. However as the WWE often does it over uses it’s top talents to the point of beating a dead horse. Orton along with others have been overused leading to the stale WWE product we have today.

            • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

              thats true but it isnt ortons fault. And orton was out of the title picture the last couple years so i think its refreshing to see him as champion again. Now Cena on the other hand IS the dead horse. Shit hes more heel than anyone else, he gets most of the boos. WWE even has him PRAISE BRYAN just so SOME fans will cheer him. Its rather sad at this point

            • Zyler

              I bet IWC smarks would want Triple H as WWE and WH Champion after TLC’s PPV

            • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

              lol yea there really is no pleasing them. But Hunter basically runs the company so i wouldnt put that outside the realm of possibility…unfortunately

            • Hachi

              Triple H and Randy Orton are part of the reason WWE is interesting, refreshing, enjoyable, fun, captivating, incredibly amazing and cool!

            • Chelsea Rudie

              Randy Orton being a SHARP – Skin Head Against Racial Prejudice…that’d be cool!

        • Nicholas Williams

          yes orton can wrestle, but he really aint all that. I mean if something goes wrong in a match he blames the other guy. if the crowd aint reacting the way they should its someone elses fault. if its something negetive he didnt do it… get what im saying?

          • nonamusly

            I think I get what you are saying….you are saying that people who watch WWE want to see a fight. So they say online that this or that WWE Superstar said….(fill in the blank) to so-and-so and whether or not it actually happened, it turns into something that can be utilized as a storyline…or that’s how I’m figuring. So that feuds can be concocted and occur.

            • Nicholas Williams

              No Im saying Orton is a crybaby and blames everyone else for his short comings in the ring.

        • RKO1

          WAIT JUST A MINUTE!!!
          Are you implying that I’m a bad guy just because I shave my head and sometimes am clean shaven and don’t have facial hair?? Even though lately I’ve had to have facial hair because of my wife having IED and PTSD…and if i look like i do in the new WWE Raw commercial…and I’m feuding against or with John Cena and he says or does something stupid to me…it’s going to trigger her aggression and she’s possibly going to end up having to go back to the psychiatric ward. Something in her has been programmed to behave aggressively if she thinks I’m feeling hurt or am in pain or something.
          That’s how i see it. But yet, for some reason…she feels safe and protected when I look how i do in the new WWE Raw commercial…if I win matches and kick ass on and defeat my opponents and am physically aggressive against the people who intentionally try to harm me. But if I, or other people do get out of control too much or things in WWE do… she gets scared and if she gets scared and upset enough about say…something John Cena threatens to do or says he’s going to do to me, or himself or if I were to say that sort of thing, it can upset her or scare her and trigger her aggression. It’s an extremely delicate sort of a balancing act.

          • KnightsbridgeOXBL

            Dude, you sound like an extreme RKO fan boy or something.
            Or are you a SHARP (Skin Head Against Racial Prejudice) ??

          • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

            FAIL. Orton got divorced months ago

    • Mike Catt

      My predictions for the PPV:
      Ziggler wins via Pin.
      Punk wins via DQ with a possible Roman face turn.
      Big E wins via Pin.
      AJ wins via pin from interference.
      Bryan wins via DQ and the Wyatts take him with them or leaves with them.
      No contest for Orton vs. Cena. With Bryan, the Wyatts, the Shield, Kane, and HHH all coming out during the match to interfere. And Stephanie making an appearance either during or post match.

      • twet

        shield split will come, but i think at the rumble, aside from that i agree with except i see a shield win with more tension between reigns and ambrose build, natty wins, bryan wins clean, and someone, i still hope they insert bryan, wins the unification match.

        btw no contest is stupid since it’s tlc ;)

        • Nokov

          Why can’t the guys in The Shield stick together? Why do they have to split up if they don’t want to??
          Daniel Bryan may win but that’s only if he joins The Wyatt Family and becomes unified, if you will (to borrow a saying from Dusty Rhodes) with The Wyatt Family.

          • twet

            what makes you think they don’t want to? if you’re an wwe official and would offer anyone of them as a single wrestler a main event program they would all be on board. and since apparently wwe feels reigns is the ‘next topguy” a split will come anyway

        • starkiller22

          you think shield will split at the rumble? i don’t know about that. after the crowd reaction it got i think its pretty clear the wyatts vs the shield is set for mania.

          • twet

            the way they booked them lately a split is strongly hinted, and as far as booking goes i doubt the creative geniuses are able to set a mania match half a year in advance….

      • HHHskullz

        They could decide to have Triple H be allowed to compete in the WWE and WH Championship title match vs. Randy Orton and John Cena….so it turns into a Triple Threat matchup and have Triple H win!

    • Kris Godwin

      Spoilers: AJ Styles beats both Orton and Cena around the skull with his Pele Kick, before winning the championship.

      …Hey, I can dream.

      • SJ3

        That idea totally sucks!
        I have an idea of my own, however….
        Which would be:

        WWE Superstars don’t have to intentionally harm or injure each other in their comments or in their matches non-televised or televised, or on PPV but if they are going to do that and behave unkindly toward each other they do need to realize it is going to do more than just harm them….it’ll harm people who like them.
        Which is horrendously and hellaciously bad for business!
        IF that power is allowed to be improperly misused or is abused.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny predicts HHH will stick his big honker into the unification title match & affect the outcome.

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