Possible Stips for Ziggler and Cena, JR Comments on Wade Barrett

Posted by Matt Boone November 27, 2012 5 Comments

- Jim Ross had props for Wade Barrett after he did commentary during Kofi Kingston’s match on RAW. JR tweeted:

“England’s @WadeBarrett stood out on commentary tonight on #RAW. Stellar..he gets it. Push comfort zone boys aside & go to the top. #WWE”

– We noted before that WWE is building towards a mixed tag match with John Cena and AJ Lee vs. Dolph Ziggler and either Vickie Guerrero or Tamina Snuka.

There was at least some talk of putting either Ziggler’s Money in the Bank briefcase or Vickie Guerrero’s job on the line somewhere in the Ziggler-Cena feud.

Partial source: PWInsider

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    • Isa

      don’t let Ziggler loose the briefcase, it’s Vickie that has to loose he job

      • Isa

        he’s doing pretty good at earning it,

    • shane-o-mac

      I agree. Don’t screw ziggler out of a championship run, dude deserves it. If anything have vickie lose her job running raw and that would open the door for flair to come in and run things. DON’T SCREW ZIGGLER.

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      I say put ziggler’s case on the line….and actually put him over cena. See how that works wwe? It’d be huge for him.

      • shane-o-mac

        My question is what would that accomplish ? It would just be a pointless gimmick to a pointless feud. Ziggler is already over. And he has already proved himself. At least if wwe put vickies job on the line something could actually come out of this pointless feud, flair. All this will do is piss off cena fans if ziggler actually gets put over and ziggler will hear a couple more boo’s. Ziggler shouldn’t have to wrestle cena just to get a championship push, it’s pointless. Vince is probably doing this more for cena to keep him relavent and in the mix. DON’T SCREW ZIGGLER.

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