Possible TNA & WWE Legal Battle Over Ric Flair

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

While the general consensus among sources seems to be that TNA will allow Ric Flair to appear at WWE’s Hall Of Fame ceremony this year without voiding his contract, there is one lingering issue. The argument could be made that TNA has the legal right to sue WWE — if they choose to — since WWE has been using a contracted TNA performer to draw ticket sales and DVD sales for the ceremony. Ric Flair is being inducted this year as a member of The Four Horsemen.

TNA hasn’t made any decision yet regarding possible legal action against WWE. It’s possible TNA could work out a deal where WWE would pay them a settlement for their usage of Flair.

Flair said in an interview last week with Mike Mooneyham that he will be allowed to talk for seven minutes at the ceremony. He said TNA turned on RAW backstage at the Impact tapings so Flair could see WWE’s announcement regarding the Horsemen in the Hall Of Fame. “It’s amazing. It’s very cool. The whole TNA crew was watching the vignette. I started crying when they aired it,” Flair said.

For what it’s worth, Flair has told a few people privately that his appearance at the 2012 WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony isn’t a done deal yet, and there are still “technicalities” to work out. All signs point to Flair being allowed to appear without voiding his TNA contract, it’s just the financial compensation that hasn’t been worked out yet.