President of Aces & 8s Revealed, Jeff Hardy Injured at Lockdown

Posted by Matt Boone March 11, 2013 6 Comments

- Bully Ray became the new TNA World Heavyweight champion at last night’s Lockdown pay-per-view by defeating Jeff Hardy in the main event. Ray got the win after reuniting with Devon and revealing himself to be the President of Aces & 8s. Ray cut a heel promo and turned on Hulk Hogan and his storyline wife Brooke Hogan, telling them that he “used Hulk and screwed Brooke.”

– Jeff Hardy suffered a legitimate concussion when Bully Ray powerbombed him from the top rope in their TNA World Heavyweight Title match at last night’s Lockdown pay-per-view, according to

After the pay-per-view ended, Hardy needed help getting out of the ring. People thought he was selling the hammer shot but he was suffering from the powerbomb. Word from backstage is that Hardy is in great pain.

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    • paul heyman guy

      jeff goes back to the opiates. comes back as heel. DOC no longer uses the hammer, it becomes jeffs weapon of choice. Dead by Bowel Peen Hammer

      • Ryan Allen Shadman

        Learn to spell its Ballpeen not Bowel Peen

        • paul heyman guy

          its never funny when you have to explain the joke

    • yourmom

      TNA stole the stone cold storyline and made bubba do it? remember invasion? steve austin going heel didnt work because everyone liked him lol

      • probb

        differerence is bully ray aint austin and they were barely cheering for bubba any way

    • Wall

      wow…. thats dumb…

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