Punk Facing Ziggler and Del Rio, Latest JBL & Cole Show, Kofi Kingston

Posted by Matt Boone July 6, 2013 2 Comments

- Below is the latest JBL & Cole Show:

– CM Punk has been added to another upcoming WWE live event – in Atlanta on July 26th. He’s advertised to face Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title.

– Kofi Kingston, who has been out of action after elbow surgery on May 30th, is being advertised for WWE’s return to Australia next month in matches against Dean Ambrose.

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    • Undertaker316

      i didnt even notice kofi kingston was out of action

    • KevinT1149

      Does anyone care about WWE Title? Punk should not be going for World Title. It pisses me off Cena wins the title and no one gets any opportunity anymore. Punk going for the World heavyweight title tells me that WWE does believe Punk should be top champion but since Cena has it he wont go for it. Punk and Ziggler could and should be the next best rivalry for the WWE title. Punk and Ziggler could be this era’s Austin vs Rock. They have potental but Cena will eventually beat Punks title reign just because WWE wants him too.

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