Punk Looking for DQ Win?, Video of Cesaro Working Out, Jericho-Fandango

Posted by Matt Boone March 25, 2013 14 Comments

- Below is new video of WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro working out at “The Rock” gym in Germany:

– WWE has a poll up asking fans who is the better dancer – Fandango or Chris Jericho. Jericho is currently winning the poll with 84% of the vote.

– WWE is pushing the idea that CM Punk will try and get The Undertaker disqualified at WrestleMania 29.

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    • Bam Bam

      Hope its just a idea. If he does then I’m seriously done with the WWE. If taker agrees to lose I just hope its not by DQ. That would just ruinin everything.

      • Some Random

        I just hope that there’s a match stipulation added. I want to say Hell in a Cell but that physical cage might detract from the match and it was done last year. How about last man standing? Also if CM Punk was going to win (I don’t think he will, just an opinion).. then giving him a stipulation without disqualification being possible could setup a run-in from the Shield or anyone? I don’t want the Shield to interfere because I feel they’re better as a group of 3 rogues who destroy on their own accord. It’d make them continue to look more powerful without ‘following’ a leader. I think Undertaker will win. Wrestlemania XXX looks and is powerful, three full decades of the showcase of the immortals.. it’d be the perfect place for Undertaker to hang up the boots after lacing them up one last time. Who do I think deserves to break the streak? Probably no-one, Undertaker’s legacy is and should be forever cemented because of a perfect win/loss ratio at Wrestlemania and if (and they do have plans) a creation of a physical real life building ‘Hall of Fame’, (probably in Connecticut near WWE headquarters, otherwise New York area because of the marketplace) .. can you imagine a big Undertaker statue and wall of accolades throughout his legacy? (In 50 years time when Wrestling fans learn about what was in the late 90’s and 2000’s etc..).. would be epic. I think John Cena deserves to face the Undertaker.. and i’m not a Cena mark, he’s just the biggest attraction that’s currently active full time on the roster that hasn’t had his shot with Mark the Dead man. I think Cena should lose though and I know for a fact Mark respects him, so it’d be a nice ending. As far as people suggesting “Oh but Cena can’t wrestle”, he’s got a 5 star match on Dave Meltzer’s list and just recently that match with CM Punk on RAW? Come on.. give him a break, he’s not the greatest worker, but he can sell well at times (i.e. piledriver from Phil) and he’s a work horse.. the man flies all over the world pushing WWE like it’s the be/all/end all of the entertainment business. It’s an opinion, opinions don’t make me right.. but I hope this is worth reading to someone at least. :)

        • Josh

          Dude, quit trying to use their real names as you try to give yourself credibility.

    • http://www.facebook.com/catherine.gilliland.5 Catherine Gilliland

      In my opinion: The Undertaker should win. The storyline of CM Punk win by a disqualification is a very bad idea!!!!! What kind of statement the WWe would make IF Punk wins: It would be awful and very, very probably bite them in the butt.

    • morrisonfanone

      Why does WWE feel that the heel always has to cheat to win? Newsflash, you’re heels have talent too. Like Ziggler. He has talent, but AJ and Big E are always getting involved, and you forget that he’s actually very talented.

      • correction


        • morrisonfanone


    • mehh

      if they end takers 20 year winning streak ona DQ im done watching wwe unless they do an amazing story line. like shawn michael being jealous of takers 20 and 0 and wanting to set up for a punk shawn match. then yeah MAYBE

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      All of you people posting “Taker better win or I’m done with WWE…” no you’re not. Jesus christ grow up. 1. you wouldn’t stop watching and 2. to suggest you would over a fake streak ending is pathetic. I hope Punk wins just to see grown men crying in the crowd.

    • afanwwelistento

      taker shall win.. but heres a great point to consider, taker will look like he’s out and knock cold by punk, but then comes takers former wm opponents such as hbk, kane, edge, tensai, hhh to prevent the win of cm punk, because the believe that if they cant beat taker, no one will. and as the interference done their parts, taker will rise and tombstone punk, keeping the streak alive as he retire..

      damn my ideas are epic! this angle must be in wm xxx.

    • thule

      fuking idea, undertaker should b kept as undefeated, triple H, shawn michal n so other could not win undertaker how could that punk win? much ridiculous idea, if u really want 2 make a good match than how about undertaker kicking the ass of punk n punk getting disqualified 2 save his ass, although undertaker would win with disqualified but should still have 2 hit tombstone n count 1,2,3 after being disqualified,that would b amazing match but punk trying 2 win is the fuking senseless idea, if punk wins then be sure that www will return 2 nxt losing all the viewers

    • Mark

      If they have the plan of making taker lose to punk i`ll stop watching wwe .. punk is nothing but a bully

    • Bryce

      I hope they don’t have taker lose because of dq that’s stupid on wwe’s part

    • Edge

      Undertaker will win.Can’t be that WWE is so stupid to let it happen right now.Do people expect Punk to cheat?Heck yeah!That’s what he will do but DQ win is just lame.And even if that happens I don’t think that beaten and as usually injured Undertaker will be ready to work any events after Mania.I have a lot of respect for Punk but he should stay in main events and do his part in title bouts.Besides,everyone knows that Undertaker’s time is over but this is just too disrespectful.

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