Punk Pulled from Live Events – Heat with Creative?, JBL Back, More

Posted by Matt Boone March 19, 2013 10 Comments

- JBL noted on Twitter that despite some major flight troubles, he will be returning to commentary on tonight’s WWE SmackDown taping from Cincinnati.

– CM Punk has been pulled from all live events until WrestleMania 29 for a number of reasons including him being physically banged up. People, including Punk, are still downplaying the arm injury that he suffered in the RAW match against Kane last week. WWE officials want him fresh and ready for the big match at WrestleMania 29.

Speaking of Punk, there were a lot of people not happy with his backstage segment at last night’s RAW where he juggled around Paul Bearer’s urn to taunt The Undertaker. The feeling was that it wasn’t as good as the Punk-Bearer-Taker stuff from the week before and that this one was bad for WWE and just bad in general. On a related note, it’s said there is some kind of issue between Punk and WWE creative right now but we don’t know what those problems might be.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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    • Josh

      It might be because they keep pushing crappy char development on him.

    • morrisonfanone

      It would sure be interesting to know what’s going on between him and Creative. I think Punk mocking Bearer has come a little too soon. Then again, he mocked King the week after he had that heart attack.

    • Marky Punk

      nah he’s bitching cause he’s not booked to end the streak… he IS ‘the best in the world’ after all.

    • Adamantium Hands

      Creative has had a hard time with punk because of his talent since he first got in the company. If u hadn’t noticed he carries and puts over a lot of people in his matches. Not everybody in company can do that. He created his own character and evolved it,not creative. Its been creatives problem for the last 10 plus years.

    • jerichooo

      Its because he’s going to lose to undertaker. Punk should end the streak screw undertaker, hesbthe reason guys get to come back when ever they want… Triple h? Boring. This dudes won’t ever be champ again so they make no sense being involved anymore..unless they want to lose and put people over. They need to jack TNA for bobby and austin and Somoa Joe

    • tak161

      The issue is they are more concerned with Rock and Brock, and they don’t care about Punk or anyone else, for that matter. You can’t be more concerned with two guys who will not be there in a few weeks, instead of the guys that are there every single day. That’s been Punk’s problem in my opinion, he wants more focus on the other guys who are going to be there after the part timers are gone. And they are giving him crap to work with, this thing with Taker should one of the greatest storylines ever, but they are too worried about making Rock vs. Cena the be all end all. Personally I don’t care to see Once in a Lifetime twice.

      • Kage

        I agree 100%.

        Punk and the others have been working their asses off, yet Vince just doesn’t want to change the product at all. He is too terrified of ending the John Cena cashflow, and he would much rather ‘prove’ to the cynical, wrestling-hating wider world that WWE is ‘legitimate’ – via Rock & Brock ass-kissing, and non-stop movie, TV, Twitter, Tout, & ‘Did You Know?’ plugs.

        It’s like he’s committed to doing anything BUT put on a good wrestling product.

    • Edge

      Actually Creative’s team has been arguing with wrestlers for at least last year.There is a major disagreement between them.Remember the last firing?Of course you didn’t!Look,there are no personal issues but if even wrestlers are pitching their own ideas to save not just their own wrestling personas but also the product itself,wjat does it tell about the writers?Sure they are constantly thinking and giving directions to guys but how many times they have made mistakes?I know there are a lot of good guys and some who are beyond saving but still get their money but truth to be told,you can’t blame wrestlers for a bad show or even matches.It all starts with writers and producers,blame them.

    • david

      that was low the way punk was and saying about paul bearer that was just wrong you dont dis on someone dead punk is a peace of shit

      • Kage


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