Punk Trying to Get Colt Cabana a Job, The Rock Sells Mansion, Chris Benoit

Posted by Matt Boone June 20, 2013 7 Comments

- WrestlingDVDNews.com reports that certain commentary about Chris Benoit is edited out of WWE’s upcoming War Games DVD. Benoit is featured in the nWo vs. Four Horsemen match from 1997.

- Contact Music reports that The Rock recently sold his mansion in Miami for $3 million but had to accept $500,000 less than the asking price. Rock also recently sold his Beverly Hills estate in California for $4.9 million, which came with a private barber shop and a spa.

- The Wrestling Observer reports that Colt Cabana recently had two tryouts with WWE as a color commentator but at last word, no job has been offered yet. The tryouts were set up by CM Punk.

  • Chris Savage

    instead cole? by god this would be amazing

    • mrchopper

      He’d be stuck on NXT, if anything.

      • Chris Savage

        NO! NO! NO!

        • mrchopper

          NXT is brilliant! Now Striker’s out the door…

  • Muzlimboy

    I guess the Rock is sellin the estate with the private barber shop in it because he doesn’t need one for his bald head lmao

  • Derp.

    Here we go again with the Chris Benoit mentioning. Regardless of how things went down, his career still deserves to be remembered. He deserves that recognition. As a person, maybe not, but as a wrestler? Absolutely. It makes me sick that they’re putting forth all this effort to erase him from existence, but you can’t do that fully.

  • DertNazzteeee

    No one of any note can ever be erased, with the worst kings, queens, presidents, dictators, and serial killers/rapists as a perfect example

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