Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan Fined for Chair Shots on RAW

Posted by Matt Boone June 28, 2013 16 Comments

WWE announced Friday that Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton have been fined an undisclosed monetary amount for their chair shot exchange in a Street Fight on Monday’s Raw.

“We don’t allow chair shots to the head in WWE,” said Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE’s Executive Vice President, Talent and Live Events. “We understand it was in the heat of the moment but we take this very seriously and as a result, [Orton and Bryan] were fined.”

Orton offered comment on the fine, stating, “Trust me, it was enough.”

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    • Edge

      This is so stupid on so many levels,I don’t even know where to begin…

      • Trunkz

        You and me both. Thats f**kin gay.

    • Villadam

      Then they wander why the attitude era was so awesome, doing kiddy shows just ruins wrestling

      • Logic

        No you’re right. They should just belt each other in the skull with chairs. I mean, who gives a shit about the proven concussion risks. Its not like they ever came back to have a part to play in any talents lives or the lives of others down the track. Here’s an idea, lets make it BETTER than the attitude era. Kill the steal chair, make it a pipe. Lets not gimmick it though, just have them bash each others brains in with it. Actually, no, why not make it BETTER than that. Lets get rid of ALL internal safety procedures. Really make this show better. Im with you. How dare WWE protect their employee’s and their own business reputation in the wake on the Benoit tragedy. Bunch of pussies they are…

    • Some Guy

      Says the guy who while the chair shot fine was in progress about K.O ed Undertaker with a chair at WM 27

      • Guest

        Which he and Undertaker both got fined for.

    • Harms_Way

      This is why WWE’s ratings are going down the drain. That moment was a classic. The match itself probably a “Match of the Year” candidate, but it was too violent for the little kiddies. I used to want to be a WWE superstar, but now I think I would be Vince’s or Paul’s (whoever is in charge in 5-10 years) biggest headache because I prefer the Attitude Era over this PG shit and would love to do stuff like Bryan and Orton did in every match I’d do.

    • Liana Taylor

      Is this a work? Because if not, it’s fucking stupid… Wait actually – Even if it is a ‘work’ it’s still fucking stupid! Oh my god.. PG Era..? This is like looney toons era… Just give it up WWE no matter what you always had a high volume of kid supporters regardless of the era… People grew up on the attitude era… Which gave the most ratings.. Yet you milk that for all it’s worth then turn around and say ‘nah not cool, back to hugging and big red retards!!’ Connect the dots!!

    • Undertaker316

      bryan didnt even get hit in the head with the chair if you saw the match bryan hit the chair with his elbow. back in the attitude era wrestlers would nearly break the chair over the head of their opponent and the chair would be all bent but bryan and orton get fined for that chair shot

    • Derp.

      I really hope that not all of you believe this happened because of the “PG Era”. Seriously. There is a fine for the chair shot due to health concerns, because they can cause possible concussions. Many moves involving blows to the head have been kicked to the curb, it has nothing to do with the wwe’s ratings system. Repeatedly causing blows to the head is a total nightmare for the longevity of a wrestlers career.

      • Liana Taylor

        Yes obviously that’s their main concern… A chair shot can look believable, without it damaging anyone’s career… I mean it’s just stunting and coordination, maybe the shot was banned because it was straight to the head, yes? The same reason Chris Benoit was ‘brain damaged’ because he took too many shots to the head. The stem from that was EVERY MATCH he did the flying headbutt.. If it’s done right, and safely… It shouldn’t be banned. If you listen to interviews the bookers decided how it’s done/finished, maybe they didn’t get approval but maybe it wasn’t done correctly/accurately… For example; Michelle McCool stated her and Melina got in trouble for taking hard bumps and ‘showing up the men.’ Yet Chris Jericho of all people defended them for putting on a great match and giving the guys something to watch. Excuse my rant. :)

        • Derp.

          I have no problem with your rant at all, I respect your entire viewpoint, and I like the backup info. :) Basically I was just frustrated because everybody automatically assumes it is because of the ratings systems when not all decisions are based off of that, and that some things actually are for logical reasons like health concerns.

    • Bam Bam

      Why have an option of a street fight if you don’t want chair shots? I guess next HHH will wanna ban getting hit with Knee’s and Knocking out ppl in the first 2 min. at Wresltemania.

      • guest

        It’s not about the chair shots specifically it’s about the ones that make or make near contact with a guy’s head they have issue with.

    • probb

      you know i was really surprised to see that to my girlfriend was like their going to get fined!! i was like nah no their not since rvd is coming back how is he going to do that vandaminatior or terminator if no shots to the head are allowed guess she was right damn1

    • Raven

      It is a work. If chairshots were banned, the ref would had stop them before.

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